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In this rp, you get to chose from one of my characters to rp with! I’ll give a list of names, and a rp that would go with that character! Once you pick a name, I’ll give you a full character sheet. This rp will have mature content so if things get spicy, we will take it to pms. Deal? Deal- XD (Immortality is a thing in this. But your character should still be able to be killed in some way. Aka have weaknesses)

Here’s the list!
Kathy Garcia: age 20.
You are just minding your own business, when you come across a famous serial killer, called “Killer Kathy”. He has a rose growing from his eye, which gives his identity away. He is known to target certain crowds of people with the “wrong beliefs” as he calls it. He is known as death’s judge. Killing “bad people”. You always thought he was just another horror story, but you are soon proven wrong. Will his judgement be on your side? Or will you face his wrath?

Ethan Akeem: age 24
This man has been through hell and back, and is now fighting for survival. Literally. He constantly gets into fights and usually ends up in the hospital. Ethan has been sent to mental institutions before due to his self destructive behaviors and tendency's. While he may seem violent, he really is just a broken man with no trust. You find Ethan, who has just been in a fight, bleeding to death in an ally. Will you save him and help fix this broken man? Or leave him to die.

Goi: age ??? (looks to be 17?)
This girl seems like a normal girl into alt fashion. But take a look at her eyes and glitching skin, and you’d think differently. This girl keeps secrets from everyone she loves and cares about, but for the right reasons. You come across Goi, curious about what she could be capable of. After getting to know her, you read an old news paper from the late 1800s talking about a missing girl. And it just so happens to be Goi. What is she hiding?

Aphrodite: age 18
A girl with a fiery attitude and curiosity that could kill. Even though this girl looks and acts like she’s just fine and can take care of herself, she can’t. She suffers in secret, living with only her cat. She usually sits in silence, away from the outside world. You learn that not only is this poor girl is suffering, but also is slowly growing sicker and sicker as time goes on. Will she succumb to her sickness? Or will you be able to save her?

Cathal: age 26
The world has been destroyed due to the zombie apocalypse. Cathal, was lucky, and unlucky enough, to not only be immune to this sickness, but also be fully able to survive. You come across Cathal and his service dog, teddy. In the apocalypse, you never know what will happen. But one things for sure…prepare for anything.

Chryses Alarie: age: ??? (Looks in his 20s.)
You come across a wealthy vampire who lives in a mansion out in the mountains/woods. He lives very close yet still far enough from a village to be known. He is claimed to be feared by all the villagers, even though some claim he has done nothing to them, and has even stayed away from them. You decide to some search this vampire out, breaking into his home. It seems he’s not there, or so you thought. Is he really a monster? Or is he actually a soft, kindhearted gentleman?

If you want more options, let me know! I’ll also write some more names down without the whole description and you can chose from threre!

-no hate!! All my characters are apart of the lgbtq+ community or are supporters! They are all kinds of religious and disabilities, races and more. If you don’t like this, please do not interact!
-Cursing is allowed! Just be nice out of character!
-One liners are ok! But I would advise you to give details in rp and leave no room for much questions unless it’s supposed to be that way.
-⚠️I would prefer if you reply often! its ok if you have stuff that comes up, but this rp is mainly for me to have something to focus on.⚠️

Character sheet:

Looks/face claim:
Where they’re from (and accent)
Voice claim?:
Other info:


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(Ethan does a bit, but I’m planing on using Rodya, who’s Russian, and already in an RP with Ethan)
(Okay, wait— I like the vampire- Chryses Alarie— [now me thinking if I should use Avdey or not—))

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(. . . You do know what a Utopia is, right? It’s a perfect and peaceful society. Victorian is a time period. Two completely different things)
(And this strikes me as more. . . distopian. Looks nice and peaceful, but in the inside its fucked up and not peaceful at all.)

@RhysTheFirebird group

Name: Rodion "Rodya" Konstantinov
Title: Lord Konstantinov
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Eyes) A bright, emerald green that shine when he’s happy, but seem to become darker, more of a jade color when he’s angry.
Hair) Golden blond, with hints of gold and light brown.
Height) 5’11”
Body Type)
Personality: Rodya is an overall cheerful person on the outside, but on the inside he’s calculating and always paying attention. He never says anything he doesn’t mean to say and always takes his time with his words. When doing this, Rodya can be silent for minuets at a time, just thinking of the best way to say something. When having a conversation with him, it’s ideal to have lots of patience because when rushed, Rodya will just take longer on purpose. He’ll even put this way of thinking into his writing.
Back to his outside portrayal, he’s usually never without his disarming and charming smile and he’s quick with a laugh. Those who really know him know the difference between his real smile and laugh versus his courtiers smile and laugh. When he’s really happy and smiling, he has a dimple in his left cheek, and his laugh is bright. With his courtiers smile, there are no dimples and his laugh is slightly lower, not as bright.
Rodya is pretty easy going, and will take an insult in stride, flashing a smile and laughing. Depending on how bad the insult is though, his eyes may darken with anger, but many people don’t think the darkening of his eyes is from anger, as he never portrays anger. If the insult is really bad, he’ll usually come up with some clever way to embarrass the person in front of everyone.
When he’s with the people he cares about, Rodya is completely different, not so quick with a laugh or smile, as his real ones are far and few between. Instead of thinking of the right thing to say to please the person in front of him, or get information out of them, he’ll usually tell the truth and tell them of his worries, knowing that sharing these things are enter than trying to deal with them alone.
Rodya has interesting humor, sometimes preferring a darker humor, or ever ‘dad’ humor, with stupid and cheesy jokes. He can find a funny side to almost anything, and enjoys seeing people laugh (Well, the people he thinks should be happy).
-Writing; Rodya has always loved writing from a young age, and in general, telling stories.
-Debating; Rodya loves to have a good debate, whether he’s right or wrong, Rodya will have a good hearted debate with anyone, but once it turns into an argument, the young man will usually back out of it. He’ll also admit the loss of the debate if his point is proven wrong.
-Parties; Music and dancing are two of favorite things to do, below writing.
-Arguments; A debate is fine, an argument is not. Arguments can lead to bad things. All it takes is pissing off the wrong person and you could be in a fight for your life. Rodya has no plans to end his life early.
-Repetitiveness; If people, stories or anything repeated itself more than 3 times, it will start to annoy Rodya to his last nerves, and he may just get up and walk away from whatever is doing the repeating.
-Bossiness; There is a difference in telling someone what to do when you need someone to do something and just telling someone to do something because you can and/or want to.
-Writing; Despite his father’s wishes for Rodya to marry and English woman, Rodya has no plans to do so, preferring to spend most of his time writing.
-Debating; He enjoys this enough to make it a hobby, and sometimes he’ll deliberately go out looking for one.
-Fencing; He’s not the best at it, but he can do it and he usually just does it for fun.
Mental) N/A
Physical) He has a long scar on his left side from an accident as a boy. He fell out of a tree and a branch tore his side, he barely lived through the experience. He also broke his arm.
Background: Rodya is one of two legitimate children of Duke Konstantinov and his wife. Though Rodya has a few younger siblings that no one mentions. He grew up with a pretty easy life with few accidents.
His most notable accident was when he was six. He was attempting to climb a tree to impress his father. He reached a somewhat high branch, well, high for six year old him, about ten feet up. After he sat on his desired branch, it bowed beneath him. Not thinking anything of it, the young boy laughed, moving a little closer to the truck of the tree, not listening to the nanny trying to get him down. After Rodya got settled agin, the branch stilled for a few moments, then broke, right under the little boy. Rodya had let out a shrill scream and gripped onto the part of the branch still attached to the tree. As the little boy fell, the jagged pieces of wood from the broken limb torn into his side, nearly piercing his ribs in the process. At the pain, Rodya’s grip on the tree slipped and he fell, landing on his arm and breaking it.
The wound almost brought Rodya to an early grave, but the young boy lived through it and has a jagged scar from his left hip up to the top of his ribs. This incident did not at all impress his father, and he got a strong tongue lashing from his mother after he was coherent enough to understand what his mother was saying. He hasn’t climbed a tree since then.
From a very young age, Rodya can remember asking his nanny to tell him stories. Anything from wild tales about hero’s and dragons to plain old stories about her life and experiences. Stores are one of his greatest loves in life, telling them, reading them and herding them. When he was ten, he asked his father to get a better literature teacher, someone who could push him in reading and writing. Teach him more complex things. His father had agreed, decided that if it was what the boy wanted why not give it to him?
When Rodya was 15, his mother got sick with pneumonia And died a few days later. The young man was struck with a deep saddens, and he missed the cheery sounds of her laughter filling the halls of his home. It was this time Rodya wrote his first book, one about a young boy who goes on an adventure to save his ailing mother.
Up until he was 16, Rodya was able to read and write almost freely, but still hid these works from hid father, knowing the Duke would be disappointed in his son and heir to his title. Once he turned sixteen, the Duke would start bring his son with him on trips to the English court, introducing Rodya to the laides. Rodya quickly learned that though the women were pretty, some even beautiful, he found none of them attractive. Instead, he noticed more of the young lordlings his age, and preferred to spend his time with them. He quickly found out that he was attracted to the young men and kept this to himself, trying to force himself to pay more attention to the women his father introduced him to, thinking something was wrong with him.
It wasn’t until he was 19 that he had his first lover, and not a noble either, a young English stable hand named Quinn. Rodya wouldn’t say he was in love with the man, but was close enough to it when the stable hand seemed to just understand the pressure Rodya was under. The relationship did not last longer than a year, perhaps ten to eleven months, when the young man broke the relationship, saying he did not want to be unfaithful to his feature wife. At first, Rodya was hurt, but the wound lessened when he learned that the marriage was arranged, needed for both family’s benefits.
After that, Rodya went back to Russia, spending about two years there with his sister and her husband before his father was needed in England again and he took Rodya with him, hoping that this time, when Rodya returned home, he’d be bringing a wife with him.