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I have,,, little to no concrete ideas, I just want dark academia and maybe some romance? Murder? Excitement? Idk man, just DA


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Canary's hand shakes as she slowly, but gracefully signs the contract. Her eyes dart back up to the smiling Lucifer. He takes the contract in his boney, sharply clawed hand.

"Splendid. Now go find him, and your soul will be free."
She stutters. "Yes, yes sir.", and is on her way, back to the world she never saw.


(to a degree, but different at the same time. Maybe like a deadly flaw that could harm either them or others around them, that only activated in certain situations, and uncontrollable. The school can be almost like a science experiment, testing what happens when multiple of these people are crowded together.)


(idk where i was going with that. I'm gonna rework that a little. Each person has a magical power, but it also comes with severe backlash for using it, for example, one person can manipulate fire, but experiences all the third degree burns and such that come with it.)


(maybe some sort of powerful god-like person that is selecting a small few that they want to challenge, perhaps for their own enjoyment, and this school is set up by them to see what happens when these people interact, and how high tensions can get when everyone is constantly walking on eggshells with themselves and others)