forum "But, out of all of the beautiful forests in the world, why'd you end up here? With me?" (Closed OxO)
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Deep in the Obsidian Forest, Sylvia waltzed through the place she called home. The eerie way that the trees looked at midnight mesmerized the young villainess. With her favorite black dress on, she spun around humming a waltz she had heard the other day while walking through Lexia, the city nearby, where they were yet to meet her in the most terrorizing way.

However, Sylvie had no need to think about that now, quite the contrary. She lifted herself up a few feet off the ground using her levitation and waltzed in midair, the song throbbing in her mind. Her eyes closed; a warm feeling enveloped her, making her forget she was in midair.

At the climax of the song, she fell backwards, expecting to fall on the soft ground. Realizing she didn't fall on the ground right away, she let out a quick scream before crash-landing into a pile of thorns and branches. Exhausted, Sylvia did not even bother to get up, but laid there and closed her eyes, ignoring the pain for the moment.

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Emaria was jolted awake by a woman's scream in the dead of night. She blinked and sat quickly upright, looking around with complete bewilderment at the strange forest around her. What in the stars was she? How had she gotten here? And more importantly, how drunk had she gotten at the annual Specialist party? If the pounding in her head was anything to go off of, the answer to the latter question was very.

With a quiet moan, she pushed herself up and breathed in the smell of peculiarly fresh air. By the gods, the woods outside the barrier at Alfea had never smelled quite like this. Or maybe it did, she just hadn't noticed before. After all, whenever she went out into the woods, she was usually drunk and brought someone with her to… keep her company. Not that her parents knew. No, certainly not. They'd be furious. But as the sounds of night echoed around her, Emaria began to realize that she wasn't in the woods outside of Alfea. Hell, she wasn't even in the Otherworld anymore.

"Blasted gateway magic," she muttered, looking around through the trees again. The scream returned to her mind. Maybe there was someone else out here. Someone who could help Emaria, or at least tell her where she was.

"Hello?" she tentatively called out, narrowing her eyes. Her appearance likely wouldn't help her case either… she was still dressed in a tight-fitting, long-sleeve shirt, skinny jeans, and her favorite pair of Converse sneakers – the ones with a flower pattern embroidered on the side. Likely, her hair was starting to frizz too, so Emaria reached up to smooth it while she waited for someone to respond to her call. If no one did, then she supposed that she'd just have to start walking.

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Sylvia blinked open her eyes and stared into the night sky, the wounds on her arms and legs stung as she tried to move. The frigid, midnight breeze and her tiredness were not helping either.

Still laying in the brambles and thorns, the young villainess shivered as she weakly lifted a torn up arm for brief inspection. The scratches weren't that deep, but there was many of them all over her natually pale arm and they all hurt like living heck.

Suddenly, a young girl's voice found it's way to Sylvia's ears, her eyes widened, "Kendric?" No, it couldn't be, Kendric's voice never sounded like that, this person was younger. She called out to what seemed to be a auditory hallucination as she stood up, a vivid, bright adventurine aura outlining her body, "Hello?!"

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Dear gods, this was a stupid idea, Emaria thought irritably. There's no way anyone else is out here right now. You're too hungover to tell the difference between a person screaming and a bird chirping. Just start walking.

The young mind fairy scoffed at her own inner monologue. However, she was about to start off in a random direction when she heard something. Emaria jerked her head to the right as another woman's voice called out through the darkness. She was calling a name, and it wasn't Emaria's.

Okay, whew. Dodged a bullet there. At least it's not my parents.

A faint green glow began to appear, and Emaria blinked rapidly trying to figure out what it was. Then the green light called out to her. The partially drunk, partially hungover mind fairy tripped on a protruding root as she made her way closer to the light. "Hello?" she called back hesitantly. "Who's there?"

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