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Ripped to shreds, killed in cold blood.
Brought back to life, pieces in the mud.
Stitched back together, misunderstood and alone.
The effigy of a dead, broken boy, made from metal and bone


Yep! Basically, my character's been through the ringer, and gets picked up by an alien race that patches him back together and takes advantage of the poor sweetheart by convincing him he owes them his life in return. He's now fighting for them in their unjust war against several other planets, well aware of the terrible cause he's supporting, but too naive and honorable to think he can break his promise to them. Your character can be one of the other army people, someone from one of the other planets militia, a refugee, kinda whatever you'd so please. We can talk about it!

Can be a romance, if we want, totally chill w/ that ^^
First come first serve, but you do have to ask before joining
I may ask for a writing example if we haven't rp'd before or if I don't know you
May contain some pretty dark themes and more mature content
Do not be rude please
If you have any complaints, do not hesitate to bring them to me!
I may change or update these at any time
Please be active. If you can't keep going, just let me know, it's no problem
Please have good grammar. Thank-you. Occasional slip ups are fine, of course.Also, having decent paragraphing is appreciated. For longer replies, an extra line, like this:

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Swearing is fine, and allowed, just don't go too overboard
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Character template will be posted if I get any interest. This is kinda ripped from @SwimwithGamers rp, I advise stalking, it sounds really cool <3 Also, we'll discuss the cultures and nature of this war a little as well, I've got some stuff in mind <3


(Haha same though xD Don't worry about responding super frequently, I likely will be only on once a day, if not every other day, so no pressure there xD)


(Before I throw up a template, do you have any preference as to what you want your character to be? Can be any of the ones listed in the og post, or if you have an idea, hmu)


(If you'd like, I can tell you a little more about the political climate and the war/planets involved, that might help :)


(Sure thing! Sorry if it's a little complex ^^;

So, the 'bad guys' here are Boa's army, the country of Agaea from the planet Birtha

Then there's their immediate enemies, the ones they initially invaded, the tribal and (relatively) primitive Crungor nations, from Zuganvers

Other contenders are the allied peripheral planets under the control of Agaea thanks to some old treaties and agreements. They are, at this point in the war, in chaos, some planets still fulfilling their duties, others having been destroyed by the war, and some having rebelled and thrown aside the old treaties to either become independent or fight with the Crungors.

The last notable nation/planet are the States of Gelad, on the planet of…Gelad. Once a booming industrial community, it has since fallen to waste and been largely abandoned or bombed out.

Very rough setailing of important events are as follows:

  • Agaea declares war on the Crungors, over land and resources
  • The normally divided tribes of the Crungor nations band together under their one emperor to protect their lands
  • Peripheral planets are called into action, and join the war.
  • Agaea demands the States of Gelad serve only them and use their machines to ensure Agaean victory. When they refuse, trying to maintain neutrality, the Agaea 'accidentally' attack them and burn them to the ground after plundering their valuables.
  • Disagreements occur in the peripheries, and they split, some continuing to serve, others retreating or changing sides.
  • My character is found by the Agaea, and healed and enlisted
  • Current day

If you have any questions, or if one catches your eye, lmk!)


(Oh, and don't worry, I don't expect you to remember all this xD I've got it down myself, so no prob if you wanna forget everything that's not related to your character ^^)


(Sure! Galad is one of the few planets that has one race and people across all of it, and it's pretty small. It (was) largely desert and mining towns, and now there are refugees and survivors of the attack both there, and out in space on other planets, trying to just get by/escape, whatever. So your character can be wherever, doing whatever you please! ^^)


(Uhhh, no, nr! Go wild ^^ I'll kinda leave that culture and the people up to you, so you can do what ya please :) Altho, depending on if we wanna make this a romance, more humanoid? idk, do we want a romance? xD I'm good either way ^^)


Character's name:
Character's age:
Sexual orientation:
Physical Description:

My boy:
Character's name: SP Boa, Sentinel Path
Character's age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual orientation: Cannon, he gay, but make your character however you please, I can change this to match ^^
Species/race: Argentan

Personality: Boa's quiet, and comes off as prickly and cranky initially, but anyone who takes any time at all to get to know him will find he's an undeniable sweetheart softie. His chronic pain and stress make him snappish and difficult to get along with occasionally, but if you're his friend, there's no doubt he cares about you. He loves baby blue and powder pink, picks flowers and makes flower crowns, and gives them to his friends. He's a skilled warrior, despite his pain, and can physically tough through it, simply because he's had worse. A gentle soul who's first instinct is to connect with those around him, he's very out of place in a war whose primary reason is greed. Boa's quite sensitive which is both a benefit, and a bit of a handicap. In one way, he's very in-tune with those around him, but he also is easily hurt by words aimed at him that may not have been intended to be cruel. He can be easily traumatized by the horrors of war, even more-so because he knows the cause he fights for is a terrible one. He hates getting into trouble, and can't stand to be yelled at. When he gets upset, he can become moody and withdrawn, usually preferring to 'hide' in the company of another to draw less attention to himself.

Physical Description: Boa isn't particularly tall, but is well-muscled. He's got grayish brown, short wavy hair, rose gold eyes, and tanned skin. The entirety of his body is covered in heavy scarring, more-so on his left side, mainly on his face, torso, and arm. He actually has several synthetic pieces now, since he was straight up missing his heart and several ribs, and his shoulder joint was beyond saving. He has slightly impaired motion in his left hand, with is a shame, because he's left-handed. He's got a constant level of mid-grade pain, partially from his injuries, partially because his soul's been ripped in half. He's straight up missing half of it, and he doesn't know this, but it's a thing. Long story short, the other half of his soul's tied to a powerful being of chaos from a different world, meaning the constant discord and destructive energy from the beast causes him pain regardless.

Backstory: Boa was always trained to be a warrior. His parents were both warriors for their kingdom, from a planet faaaar away from the planetary system we're currently in. Boa has been raised to fight since he was seven, and used to love every second of it. War is an entirely different concept to his people, one of nobility, honor, and chivalry, nothing like the greedy, plundering, murdering that happens in this war. His people were in a war against the forces of Hell, and when he was nineteen, his training camp was invaded by a monstrous force of demons. The instructors there were vastly outnumbered, and had to pick and choose which of their trainees they could save. They tried to protect the younger ones, knowing the older trainees had a higher chance of being able to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, Boa, like many of the others, was overwhelmed, shredded alive until his heart was finally pulled from his body and he died. Where he promptly was dragged down into Hell, and held there for a month in the Torture Mines. The only way he ever got out was when his heart was used as the vessel to raise the aforementioned monster. What also happened, was he was physically brought back to life, half of his soul staying with the monster, half with him. He was found near death again by the Agaea, who had the technology to heal him. After he was as whole and hale as he was gonna get, they informed him that he owed them, and that he needed to replay them. Thus, he ended up in this war.

Other: He's from a smaller infantry squad, ranked as a common soldier. His squad is under the command of one of the Agaean princes, who are known for their high troops mortality rate. He's already been in and out of some near-death situations, and has lost almost all of the original squad by now. His squad has gone through three different squad leaders, and their current one is as selfish and cruel as the prince they are commanded by, constantly using the lower ranking men as a shield to keep himself safe. Boa knows it's only a matter of time before he dies, and that's kinda messing him up a little.