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I'm just,, really bored, most of my rps have dried up and I crave something really fluffy. I'm open to almost everything, but keep in mind, this will be mostly nothing but fluff so no bad topics. Id prefer this to be BxB, but I'm ok with GxG too.


Sure! Any ideas to start thinking of a plot with? If not then I'll probably just pull out the trusty old 𝘀 𝘰 𝘧 𝘧 𝘦 𝘦 𝘴 𝘩 𝘰 𝘱 𝘒 𝘢


Name: Florence Lee

Nickname(s): Flora, Ren, Flo

Age: 22

Sexuality: Bisexual, leans towards girls

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/Her

Appearance: Florence has shoulder-length ginger hair. She usually has it in a bun in an attempt to save up time, but there are times where she has it down. She has cold gray eyes, freckles, and pale skin. She's around five feet and three inches. She wears round black glasses, which she sometimes switches for shades.

Personality: Florence is normally a sweet girl, but when provoked, she can be quite scary. It's a good idea to stay out of her way when she's in one of her moods. While she's normally all fun and games, she can be serious when needed. Sometimes, she can and will say puns, which does annoy her friends and family. She likes to cheer up the people who are sad, by joking around or doing whatever it's necessary for them to smile.

Likes: The night sky, empty streets, books, large clothes, hoodies, walking, crayons (for some reason), sweets, baking, snakes (she has a pet snake), coffee, and tea, drinking hot chocolate by the fire, smores, the color black and purple, chocolate…lots and lots of chocolate.

Dislikes: Crowded places, bugs, extremely bright things, people getting too close to her, loud noises, people making fun of her hair color, when it rains and it fogs up her glasses, when it's extremely hot outside, anything that has to do with history. She just finds it boring.

Other: Florence can say a few words in French, but no more than that. Though, she does understand people when they're talking in french. She can, on the other hand, speak in Spanish. She knows enough Spanish to get her way around a Spanish-speaking country.


Name: Emerald Henderson

Nickname(s): Emmy, Em

Age: 23

Sexuality: Pansexual, with a preference for women

Species: Human

Gender/Pronouns: Female, She/her they/them

Appearance: She has long straight black hair, and (ironically) emerald green eyes. She's about 6 feet tall and slim. She has some moderately pale skin, but faint freckles. Despite the fact that she has pale skin and black hair, she usually wears colorful clothing. She wears hearing aids, since she's deaf in both ears.

Personality: She is honestly such a sweet person, and usually doesn't like being confrontational in the slightest. She is usually quiet, but will gladly talk about something that she likes, or listen to one of her friends talk about things they like, since it makes her feel nice to listen to other people be happy. It's kindof hard to make her angry, sure she might get annoyed, but not angry angry unless someone's seriously done some messed up shit.

Likes: Books, cozy reading corners, libraries, rain, green leaves in front of dark clouds, cookies, coffee, fluffy dogs, a nice thick stew, thick blankets, bluejays, playing in the rain, and basically anything that has the aesthetic of cottage core

Dislikes: mud, bugs, anger, people (especially men) being offended by her height, high heels, waking up in the middle of the night, deep water, burnt toast, too bright lights, when people steal her hearing aids thinking that it's "funny" (it's mostly dumb teenagers playing pranks), people ruining books, spoilers, and superhero movies

Other: She has the slightest british accent, but when she wants to she can do a really thick british accent. She can also speak british, go figure-


It's ok for Emerald to work there lmao, she definitely seems like the type to work at a coffee shop


Emerald hums quietly and stands behind the counter of the coffee shop, looking around it. It was a cozy little shop, just the kind of place she'd always dreamed of working at. They weren't usually that busy in the afternoon, it was mostly night and early morning that alot of people came by, but they still got a few customers. And then of course there were the regulars that came by almost every day, they were always fun to have conversations with while she made the coffee. The bell over the door rang as the door opened, causing Emerald to look up to see who came in. She was pretty sure this person wasn't a regular, she had never seen her before. "Hello, welcome to Cherry Blossom Coffee, what can I get for you today?" She says when the person comes up to the counter.