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I had an idea for a title, and i have a character, but i'm missing the plot part of it all…. so ja.

here he is tho:

Name: Neo Alexander Caddel
Age: 21
Title/Rank/Wealth: Youngest son of Lord Caddel (is a bastard child)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: He is the child of a human and a siren
Appearance: Standing at abt 6'2, Neo has a broad build with a light ivory skin. His head hosts a wavy mass of hair that is a color that is bluish/purplish/grayish…how abt you just look at the picture for the color and facial features of this man. He has a magnificently hypnotic voice that he got from his mother, but almost never sings even though when he does it calms and relaxes everyone in earshot. Neo has a tattoo of a Leviathan cross on the center of his neck to show that he is a bastard made with an unholy being. He also wears a small gold hoop earring in his left ear.
Style: Medieval casual/ Neo's style is fairly simple, usually he dresses in a loose fitting black lace up shirt and dark pants. For formal occasions, he dresses is a more fancy style.
Personality: Neo has a very flirty personality. When he was born, he was raised by his mother until he was about 13/14 then he was given to his father to deal with. When he was with his mom, he was taught how to charm and allure people into trusting him whether by his looks or his words. After he was raised to charm, his mother noticed that he was being harassed by with some of the other sirens(all girls), so she sent him to his father who raised him in the court.
Other: He is afraid of pain, and he thinks women are scary. He also has a small smokeing problem.

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Name: Liam Connor Jones
Age: 19
Title/Rank/Wealth: Youngest son of Lord Jones
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Species: Human
Appearance: About 5'5" with messy light brown hair. Blue-gray eyes. not tan but not pale. tends to have a placid emotionless expression. Edit: He has a tattoo on his left bicep, just a line going across.
Style: Usually just something basic with a cloak and long sleeves, he has knifes hidden everywhere. He has a charm necklace that he wears underneath his shirt at all times. It has a symbol on it that comes from the assassins that trained him.
Personality: Kind and quiet, but pays close attention to every little thing. He was sent to another family when he was young to be raised by them, he learnt to be an assassin there. He can easily kill pretty much anyone, but he only uses his skills to protect his family. When he was 17 he returned to his family.
Other: He is left-handed. Gets very offended when compared to a mercenary.

Hope this is good.

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UHhhhh well, they is both like nobles or wtv right. So. Um. We could work with that? Also, lemme just… edit that and add something

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Up to you. I mean, Liam doesn't have many friends and tends to avoid social things unless his older brother forces him (which happens alot)