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In a high-security palace dungeon, General Cyrus finds himself facing a cunning demon, nameless but persuasive. The demon employs seductive tactics, attempting to manipulate Cyrus into releasing him from the confines of the cell. Initially resistant, Cyrus remains steadfast, questioning the demon's motives. However, as time elapses, the demon's insidious charm begins to erode Cyrus's resolve. Slowly but surely, the general becomes entangled in the demon's web of temptation, raising the stakes as the struggle for control intensifies within the confines of the dungeon walls.

Hi guys! My name is Vaney. Even though this account is new to notebook ai, I've been on this site for more than 5 years. For this rp, my goal is to develop Cyrus a lot more for my fantasy novel. This will be taken to pms since it will have some mature content. Please be an adult when you message me, I will deny anyone younger than that.

Be as creative as you want for your demon character, use your own manipulation tactics and whatnot. Just feel free to do whatever you want with that character.

I would highly recommended if anyone interested could send me a writing sample (doesn't have to be too long) before we begin.

Reply at least once a day if we do start.

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(Carter had came around a corner, looking behind him one last time. He had lost the person following him, not without having things thrown at him. Not that he wasn't used to it. But now he had a new cut on his face. He focused on lighting the cigarette he held between his lips. But his lighter wouldn't light. Then he bumped into someone and fell, because he's a frickin clutz. He looked up at the person. "Uh neither of us were paying attention so were both at fault" he half shrugged, then went back to struggling with the lighter. )