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In the heart of a sprawling, neon-lit metropolis, a legendary hunter of supernatural creatures faces a daunting challenge: a mysterious, elusive menace terrorizing the city under the cover of darkness. Unbeknownst to them, this menace is none other than a powerful, conflicted werewolf, grappling with the transformations and primal instincts that they've dealt with their whole life.

As the hunter and the werewolf engage in a high-stakes urban pursuit, a delicate dance of secrets and vulnerabilities ensues. The hunter, known for their unyielding resolve, begins to question the morality of their life's mission, while the werewolf yearns for a path to freedom.

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and the electric hum of the city, an unanticipated and electric connection sparks between them. In the silvery glow of the moonlight, they steal moments together, delving deeper into each other's mysteries. Despite the stark contrast in their roles, an undeniable, magnetic attraction pulls them into a whirlwind.

Their love story unfolds amidst the urban chaos, a forbidden and dangerous romance that challenges the very foundations of their identities. As societal prejudices and lurking danger threaten to tear them apart, they must summon extraordinary courage to confront their own worlds and the powerful forces that seek to keep them apart.

Basically I just want a hunter x werewolf romance. Lots of drama and forbidden romance fun.

-Rated MA/R for mature themes, violence, and sexual situations (taken to PM)
-Lgbtq+ accepted!
-No OP characters
-At least one reply a day is preferred
-No one liners. A paragraph or two is ideal!


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I’d prefer the werewolf if you’re good with that)


(I usually like to do a template just to get a basic idea of what we’re going in with. It can be super minimal detail if you want, though. I’ll get one posted in about an hour when I get home)

(Modern day urban city, probably)

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Name: Ronaldo Vale. Goes by Ronnie to those who know him.
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight, as far as he knows

Appearance: Ronnie is roughly 5'10"/1.8m tall and weighs around 170lbs/78kg. He's Caucasian, with hazel eyes, dark brown hair cut in a classic 'high and tight' style, and the tan of a military man regularly out in the sun. He's relatively muscular, but not built, since the military pushes function over aesthetics. He usually wears the typical Marine Woodlands camo, fatigues/combat uniform. Occasionally dons a ghillie suit as needed. Also uses Plate Carrier armor with edge-blade and spike protection. Tac gloves, combat boots, and a specialized helmet/face mask complete his outfit while hunting.

Personality: Ronnie is a competitive individual, but is generally quiet about it. He excels at things because he pushes himself. He can be reckless and impulsive, but he usually has sound thinking, even if rushed. He's from an average background, a rural town in Washington State, dad was a doctor, mom a teacher, so he's generally well-adjusted. Average intelligence for a military specialist- smarter than the average man- and good situational awareness. He also does well with empathy and understanding other people's emotional states. He's good with kids, not so good with the ladies, and gets along best with other military guys.

Background: Ronnie grew up in Rimrock, Washington, but when his parents died in a freak accident with a Sasquatch on his 16th birthday, he left town to try to make a life for himself. He joined the military, and has seen action in several units. His background led to him being recruited by the US Trophy Hunters Division.

Other (optional): Skilled in all kinds of things, from years in the military and as part of Special units. Tends to keep it hidden because his skill set makes people nervous. The Trophy Hunters has been his most intense assignment, and is one he takes seriously, given that his parents were killed by the same kinds of cryptids he hunts today.


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Name: Seraphina Lenoir
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

Appearance: Seraphina has a striking presence with her fiery auburn hair that cascades in waves down her back, often adorned with intricate braids. Her eyes are a bright shade of emerald green, and she has a fair complexion with a smattering of freckles across her cheeks. Standing at 5’7", she boasts a statuesque figure with well-defined muscles, a testament to her werewolf heritage.

Personality: Seraphina is the life of the supernatural party, infusing fun and excitement into every aspect of her existence. She's a spirited, adventurous werewolf who lives for the thrill of the hunt, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Whether it's a moonlit romp through the forest with her pack or a raucous game of "hide and seek" with her fellow friends, she is always up for a good time. Her infectious laughter and boundless energy can turn even the gloomiest of nights into a rollicking adventure. Her fun-loving nature makes her a beloved member of her pack and a friend everyone wants to have around when the moon is high and the party is just getting started. The recent attack on packs around the county is leaving her on edge, making her more paranoid about strangers.

Background: She was born into a family of werewolves, her parents loners without a proper pack. Her childhood was marred by the loss of her parents, victims of a brutal attack by a group of hunters who sought to eradicate supernatural creatures. Orphaned and traumatized, Seraphina was taken in by an aging alpha wolf who struggled to protect his dwindling pack. Witnessing the relentless persecution of her kind, she grew up with a deep sense of sorrow and anger. Due to the constant attacks, her adoptive father kept her on a short leash and she was never allowed to go out, leading her down a wild and rebellious path.

Other: Has a few nasty scars from when she evaded hunters. Currently lives in an apartment in the city.


Seraphina walks through the city at night, her steps measured and deliberate as she navigates the labyrinthine streets. The neon signs cast an otherworldly glow, illuminating her path with a kaleidoscope of colors that dance around her like fireflies. The city's nocturnal pulse thrums in the background, a steady rhythm of distant sirens and laughter, as she becomes one with the urban tapestry.

As she turns each corner, Seraphina delves deeper into the city's nocturnal secrets. Shadows stretch and reach out to her, concealing mysteries in dimly lit alleyways and hidden courtyards. Her senses come alive with the symphony of urban sounds – the soft hum of traffic, the clinking of glasses from sidewalk cafes, and the soft murmur of conversations. With every step, she unravels a whispered tale of urban enchantment, a solitary explorer amidst the vibrant night.

Beneath the starless sky, Seraphina's journey through the city is a tapestry of moments suspended in time. The moonlight glistens on wet cobblestones, and the night air carries the scent of distant rain. She inhales the city's secrets, exhales the weight of the day, and continues to walk, an enigmatic figure in the heart of the bustling night.

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"Thirty, forty, and there's your fifty bucks. Now get outta here."

Ronnie took the cash and grinned at the man paying him out. "Nice doing business with you." He turned and walked out of the caged octagon, picking up his shirt on the way.
The crowd in the seedy bar basement parted for him, and he walked out without any trouble.Pretty predictable when you took into account that he'd spent the last couple of hours in fist-fights with all kinds of people at varying levels of drunk, and beaten them all.
The bar owner had paid him his money every time, offering increasingly higher and higher rewards to anyone who could knockout the lean fighting machine. Once it became clear it wasn't going to happen tonight, though, the man had become surly, and finally told Ronnie to take his money and get out.

Ronnie pulled his shirt on over his sweating torso, covering the scars and the tattoo on his chest. He trudged tiredly up the stairs from the basement where all the fights and betting took place, claimed his complimentary drink at the bar for winning his fights, and then stepped out the door into the street.
He had his head down and was counting his money, so he didn't see Seraphina in time to avoid bumping into her. It wasn't a hard bump, but he immediately looked up and apologized. "Oh, I'm sorry, my bad, wasn't trying to bother you…"


Seraphina continues her leisurely stroll through the city, feeling entirely unbothered and relaxed in the late evening. The city's pulse throbs around her, a rhythmic symphony of distant sirens and the faint hum of nightlife. She lets the urban energy wash over her, content in her own world, absorbed in the cadence of her footsteps.

As she moves through the dimly lit streets, her thoughts meander like a gentle stream. She can't help but appreciate the simplicity of the night, the way it offers respite from the chaos of the day. Her heart is light, and her mind free from the usual worries that accompany the daylight hours.

The subtle aroma of street food wafts through the air, tempting her senses as she passes by a bustling food vendor. She can't resist a soft smile at the sights and sounds of the city coming alive in the darkness. Each corner holds a new surprise, a new story waiting to be discovered.

But it is then that Ronnie, fresh from his victorious battles in the underground bar, collides with her. It is a gentle bump, but her stride falters for a moment. Her gaze meets his apologetic one, and she offers a reassuring smile. "No harm done," she replies, her voice soothing and kind.

As she takes a closer look at Ronnie, her curiosity piques. He has an air of confidence about him, and his physique suggests he was no stranger to physical challenges. Though she can’t see the injuries or scars, she can smell the blood and the sweat. "You seem like you've had quite a night," she remarks, nodding toward the wad of cash in his hand.

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Ronnie was a typically confident individual, but that smooth way of carrying himself disappeared in the presence of pretty girls.
He'd started to go around her, hurrying to avoid the embarrassment or any accusation of anything, but her voice got his attention, and he stopped before he'd moved another step. "If-…. if you're sure." He looked at her, giving her half a smile.
At the statement about his evening, the smile turned to more of a grin. "A little bit, yeah. It's been a pretty decent evening." He stuck the cash in his pocket, not trying to flaunt his money. "I, uh… I hope I didn't ruin your walk. You headed somewhere particular?" He realized how that sounded as soon as it was out of his mouth, and hurried to clarify. "I mean- not that I need to know where you're going- I'm not going to follow you if that's what you're worried about- not that you're worried, I just mean-…."
He looked down, running a hand down his face. This is why you don't talk to girls, Ronnie……


Seraphina's eyes twinkle with amusement as she observes Ronnie's charming yet slightly awkward attempts to converse with her. She continues to watch him with an amused expression as he stumbles over his words, unsure of how to react to her unexpected presence. When he grins and mentions his evening, her amusement grows. "A pretty decent evening, huh?" She raises an eyebrow, enjoying the mystery behind his words. As he discreetly pockets the cash, she drops the subject, figuring whatever he did to earn that money was not exactly legal.

However, his awkward attempt to inquire about her destination elicits a playful chuckle. "You certainly didn't ruin my walk," she reassures him with a hint of laughter in her voice. "And don't worry, no need to explain yourself so much. I'm just heading to a party." She isn't exactly worried about a human following her, if that were what his plan was.

"Want to come with? It's going to be a blast and the host certainly won't mind. The more the merrier after all."

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The girl seemed to be enjoying his ineptitude, so Ronnie gave a shrug at her question and repeated himself. "Yeah, pretty decent. Can make quite a bit of money if you know the places to go where they appreciate a good rumble." He wasn't shy about what he did for money, just… wasn't looking to get them both mugged by flashing around a wad of bills.
Her small laugh both irritated and soothed him. Irritated, because he was bothered at his own uselessness with women, but soothed, because at least she didn't think he was weird. Her invite made him widen his eyes, though.
"Uh…. I mean, you don't know anything about me, or who I am at all, and you're inviting me to a party?" He was a bit surprised.


It’s not like you’re a serial killer or anything. Besides, sometimes taking a chance and meeting new people can be fun. Plus, what better way to get to know someone than at a party? You can always tell me more about yourself there, or not. Up to you."

She shrugs casually, a mischievous smile dancing on her lips. "Of course, if you're not into parties or meeting new people, no worries. I won't take it personally. But the offer's on the table if you change your mind." Her confidence in her invitation remains unwavering

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Ronnie blinked. He hadn't been expecting her to say that, though the logic was sound.
"No, I guess I'm not a serial killer." He glanced down at his watch, noting that it wasn't terribly late. "Sure. Why not." He returned the girl's smile. "Name's Ronnie. You probably ought to know that before we go anywhere. And you?"

He wasn't sure what name he thought she'd have, but for her to be this confident, in this city, was… quite interesting, actually. There was a playfulness to her, and an obvious willingness to strike up friendships, even with someone she had no reason to be nice to. Like him.