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I really need to not start/join any new rps but here I am because I really wanna flesh out a character I have.
Rei's a soft baby bean who's between four and six usually. Her parents took her to an orphanage on a rainy day because they were too poor to keep caring for her. They loved Rei but wanted a better life for her.
To the point! I wanna do one of two options with her:
1) Cute and happy adoption (we can talk further into ideas if we wanna include extra angst)
2) She runs away from the orphanage the night her parents leave her but can't find them. She finds another orphan on the street and they become each other's family. (We could include option 1 in this if you want)

Rules are as follows:

  • I'm usually picky with who I rp with because I prefer someone with experience and decent reply length (no one liners, but I'm not gonna shame for under a paragraph or something lol), so you might need to offer a sample if I've never done one with you!
  • I'd also like to have someone who's at least semi-active. I really don't like having to wait for months for replies, but if life gets busy and you can't keep up with things for a while that's a different thing.
  • Similar to the last one, I'm currently doing a lot of school so forgive me if I reply at random times of the day or miss a few days. Sometimes I don't get time on nb because I have that much homework. But hopefully this ends up fun and I make time to procrastinate for at least one reply lol
  • andrew (Our Supreme Lord and Overseer) rules apply. Obviously.

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Lincoln stood in the back of the crowd. He didn't really want to have a 'chat' with the queen. Lincoln Was starring down the food table, not concentrating on anything else. He walked towards the food table, not realizing that the queen was quite close to it. He walked over and took a cookie. Lincoln bit into it with satisfaction. A small sweet snack that was yummy, just what he needed. After he finished eating the cookie he started to move towards the spot that he was standing at before. Suddenly He tripped over someone's leg and went flying into the queen.
Lincoln's vision was a bit hazy from the fall so he still didn't realize that he had bumped into the queen. Once he got up he looked at the queen and his eye widened the second he saw her. Oh no…I've done it… He hissed under his breath. "I- Um..I-" Lincoln stuttered. "I'm sorry your majesty…" Lincoln stretched out his hand to help her get up. People in the hall were all quiet. Crap…One way to embarrass myself…But I've embarrassed the queen… He hissed to himself.
“The authorities have found another glitch roaming the city.” The T.V was on the news channel and woke Talas. “Ugh.” He grumbled. “Damn city doesn’t know how to be nice..” Talas reached for the remote to turn off the T.V. The word glitch was bouncing around in his head. What does this dumpster fire of a town got against them? They didn’t do anything wrong… Talas shook his head in annoyance. He quickly got dressed, seeing that he had to run errands he rushed and didn’t realize he had his T-Shirt on backward. He quickly got out of his room and sprinted to the kitchen. “Mornin’ Sis!” He called to his sister in the other room. His sister walked into the kitchen and looked at Talas. She snorted and then started laughing. “What?” Talas asked, Confused on why his sister was laughing. “Oh nothingggg. Just look at your T-Shirt and you’ll see.” “Hm?” Talas looked at his T-Shirt. “Oh…Heh. Must have been in a rush so I wasn’t paying attention. Thanks, sis.” “No problemo Talie!”. Talas quickly ran back to his room and flipped his T-shirt right side up and then sprinted out again. “Cya Sis!” Talas opened the front door. “Cya Talas!”

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The rain pelted her face as she ran down the busy sidewalk. Rei's face was both wet from the weather and from crying. The woman in the orphanage had gotten distracted for a single second and the tiny girl had bolted. Her breathing was eventually heavy as she had run aimlessly, having no idea where her parents had gone. Taking one last glance around, she darted into an alleyway to hide herself. She didn't want to go back to that new strange place. She wanted her mommy and daddy. Finding a box large enough to fit herself into, Rei crawled inside. It wasn't much for shelter, but it would do for a little while. Hugging her knees to her chest. the small child let a hiccup escape her lips, holding back the sobs.
She wanted to go home.
But she technically didn't have one now.