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Seek out the hidden orbs
Creatures full of power

Be wary of their souls
Or lose the final hour

Orange is the youngest
Who gives strength and courage
Use a gentle hand
Or lose them both to it

Green is the naive
Who seeks out the beauty in the world
Use a friendly smile
Or lose your will to go

Purple is the conceited
Who never wants to wait for long
Use an iron fist
Or you will be tread upon

Be wary of their souls
Or lose the final hour

Blue is the calm
Who gives a soothing word
Use a loving heart
Or find you're torn apart

Yellow is the sweetest
Who seeks out truth and love
Use a loving embrace
Or never see light again

Red is the strongest
Who was loved by the Creator
Use respect for all
Or lose your very soul

Be wary of their souls
Or lose the final hour

Seek out the hidden orbs
Creatures full of power

The song had been song for generations, something taught to children to keep them all behaving. Tales of a hidden shrine that lay deep in the forest have always abounded in the village. Hidden away for the great power found within, only the worthy could tame and wield it. There is an ancient shrine, they say in hushed tones. A place where mages gathered to worship their gods and offer tributes. When their age ended, six orbs were left in their steads, waiting for someone to awaken them.
No one had ever found the shrine, though. Times changed, and soon the small village was a booming capital city, with only a small part of the original old growth first left.

One day, through some misfortune, you fall into a pit while in this forested park. In the distance, you see a light, following it to find the exit. What you see, instead, are six glows orbs, each upon a pedestal. The space above is open to a part of the forest you've never seen before. Will you take one of the orbs that seem to call your name, or heed the warnings of the elder's song and try to escape the shrine before it's too late?


Be nice!
Don't harass anyone
I choose who gets to join
Cussing, gore allowed, steamy things to go to pms if it comes to that
I'm not going to be able to be on often, but we'll probably establish a semi-order of response so no one gets left behind. I do ask you respond semi often
Don't even bother going after Red, but you can take any of the other orbs that are left when you get to the shrine
This is me first time I want to do an rp with five other people so… Go easy on me, okie? I'm going to do my best to make sure everyone is taken care of!

Template: (note please use this template only it's to help me)


  • Eyes:
  • Hair:
  • Face:
  • Body:
  • Height:
  • General weight:
  • Typical Cloths:
  • Work clothes:
  • relaxing cloths (if applicable):
  • Distinguishing Marks:
    Powers: n/a

Orbs claimed:

Orange: @Mosis_Is_Dumb
Green: @Relsey
Purple: @Altrince_carries_a_Husbando_gallery
Blue: @Bleu-is-a-simp
Yellow: @fuyu
Red: Me~!

This is also the starter, so once you're approved just jump right in!

@furetakunai ac_unit

(Here, hope this is decent. They're usually around this length, though it generally depends on what I'm given to work with.)

Kamila rolled her eyes, sick of the interactions already. She wanted to get up and leave, but she knew by now, she was already being searched for. If only she had never ran– if that were even an option. It all just seemed like a giant lose-lose situation. All that was left to be decided was who lost first. How long could they all keep fighting before both sides met their end. Threadbare with scrapes and scars. It was truly… odd for her to think about. But nevertheless, she was going to fight with these strangers. Because she wanted to be the loser who would win.

She snapped her gaze back to the semi-bickering people. Her blonde hairs whipped over her face, gently rocking back into position. As she spoke again, her eyelids rested halfway down her eyeballs. Covering the crystal irises like half-drawn curtains.

"My name is Kamila Ondrejová," she stated, "you can remember the name or not. It's your choice. But like it or not, we're working together here." Her eyes stabbed into Cleo's with the last sentence, just to give a little push of 'especially you.' She finished off her introduction while returning her gaze back to the book she read, No Longer Human.

"I hope that I can come to trust you all some, and that you all aren't terribly dreadful," she closed. As she said this, her eyes caught onto some of the words in the book:

'For someone like myself in whom the ability to trust others is so cracked and broken that I am wretchedly timid and am forever trying to read the expression on people's faces.'

She winced at this, and kept reading on.


May I? I haven't done an RP in a while so I might be a rusty, thought I'd warn you before you accept or decline.

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

It would be helpful
Everyone only gets one of the orbs to start with, and to get the others you'd have to aquire them in some way shape or form
It'll be good for me to know beforehand who all wants which one, so I can see just how things would work between characters
The song has a simple, vague explanation/hint at what the orbs can do/what they're like in general


Two more questions, what kind of tone does this song have? I'm trying to get the vibe of it.
Can I make a melody to it and sing it?

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

Well, not really. Just be careful if the character is younger, because then they'd probably need to do orange or blue
There might be romance, but that's up to y'all and your characters, and it's def not the main point

Lol, if you've got any theories on powers/behaviors last me know, I wanna see what y'all think

@ElderGodSwimwithGamers group

You can totally do that Relsey!! I'm thinking something like an old nursery rhyme kinda vibe, with a bit of campfire for good measure. Something you could see someone teaching their child for fun, and the older people don't it a bit more forebodingly around a late night bonfire