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Just looking for a simple slice-of-life role play to help develop characters. Something sweet and fluffy and most likely angsty.

I’m thinking of a storyline along these points:

Halton Jay Brown has only been a part-time student at a well-known university in the city adjacent to his own for two years. As a 22-year-old who works full-time to support his mother and two siblings he’s starting to wear down considerably and it’s showing.
He’s constantly dozing off in classes, his grades are slipping, and he’s always sleeping in the library instead of heading back home. It’s all for good reason, however, as his busy schedule makes him too tired to take the hour and a half drive back to his home.
In full honesty, Jay could easily drop the work and focus purely on college as his mother makes enough to get them by. But then what would Jay’s purpose be? He’d lose his whole identity and he’s scared of finding out who he really is.
That is until he meets someone who’s a little too persistent to befriend him. Then he has a whole new set of problems as he tries to avoid them while still fulfilling his daily quota. Unfortunately for him, that’s a lot harder to do when they insist on study dates and breaks and lunches that are oddly… fun?
As he gets to know them they slowly get him to open up and soon he’s realizing that life is a lot more than just working to avoid ones own self.

Simple, sweet, cliche - thats me. I hope it’s a decent storyline XD

Anyways, the person would be your character, I don’t mind anyone really. And if you want to have this bud into a romantic relationship between them Jay is pansexual so any gender or sexuality is fine!

Here’s Jay below, you don’t have to put up a character profile if you’d rather just jump in but if you do have one, it doesn’t have to be long.

Just a quick note that he is a WIP so it might be a bit rocky starting up but that makes it fun, right?


Halton Jay Brown, goes by Jay, as he hates his first name.



Gender and Sexuality

Male, Pansexual


He’s of average height, quite plain-looking with his black eyes and dark brown hair that ends about mid-ear, a little longer in the back. His skin is tanned, but not dark. A small scar runs down his jaw from when he broke it as a stupid teenager. His face is square, and yet his features aren’t too defined. Usually his face is puffy from lack of sleep and his eyes are sunken from the same reason. He has no tattoos but would like one or two at some point in his life. Only his left ear is pierced, and usually some long earring sits in it.


Seemed laid back but in reality he just can’t be bothered to care too much. Doesn’t like confrontation and he especially hates any sort of argument.
His sleep schedule is messed up but that’s mostly self-inflicted as browsing the web is much more fun than sleeping.
He makes sure he’s borderline decent to everybody and puts on a kind face when he has to. Think customer service but like always.


Snakes, Lemongrass, horror games, and fan fiction.


The taste of lime, short books, seafood, LED lights (they make him dizzy)


Your average kid with daddy issues and a collective hatred for social interactions, Halton has lived most of his life without his father. Of course his dad is still around and stops by every now and then when the court permits it, but it’s not like Halton likes him in anyway. In fact, his father makes him extremely uncomfortable and for a good reason too.
A few years back his father was charged with robbery and attempted sexual assault after being caught when he triggered a silent alarm system.
Halton hasn’t trusted him since. He works to help support his family and watches over his two younger siblings while his mother is out doing her own work to hopefully lesson their situation.
High school was an interesting time for him. With only a small group of maybe not so good friends, he preferred to skip classes and be an idiot like most other teenage boys. It resulted in the scar on his face from when he crashed a motorcycle and broke his jaw. The scar is a surgical one as they had to push back the displaced bone. He doesn’t like to talk about the old school anymore and avoids anyone who was in his graduating class. He just feels lucky that he even graduated.
Halton is a part-time student at a college that’s about an hour and a half away from where he lives with his mother and siblings. He’s studying Biochemistry. With tuition and the costs of taking care of the family, he can’t afford his own place quite yet but he’s saving up for it. Slowly.
He has a small group of friends but they’re worth more to him than any gold or silver. He’d much rather have them than a warm place to stay. Makes life a little less awful.

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Ooh, perhaps mightn't I? Also, I have a normal, regular life idea for this but if you wouldn't mind hearing a more fantasy-ish idea I had for this?

So basically, regular Earth Idea first because I want to just make sure I'm okay to join:

Alphonse Quaker had just lost everything. His mother, his only connection with the real world, had died and left her entire not-so-small fortune to him. This leads to him spiraling out of control, gaining an addiction to alcohol, and just generally not having a good time. But after he'd left rehab, suddenly he decided he needed to get a better life. And what way to do that better than befriend the weird kid in his (insert class here) class?

But the idea I really like is this:

Fkanta is an Angel of Death. Supposed to watch over those who are about to die and lead them to the afterlife. Unfortunately? They accidentally save their target's life, one Halton Jay Brown, who was supposed to get hit by a bus. Now they feel obligated to protect him from Death's shadow even further, and prevent him and themself from getting dragged down into the depths of the underworld for their failure.. But how can they do that if he won't even approach them?

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AWESOME also feel free to steal that as a story Idea, I sure won't be using it.

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Oh why thank you!

Now, down to the bit of business before the fun, if you’d like you can put down a character profile, but if you’d like to just jump in feel free to tell me and we can do just that!

And as for a beginning place thingy, want to start it with the first time they meet or after a few of the persistent talks of ‘hey let’s be friends’

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It wasn’t unusual for Jay to pack up right away as classes ended. He had places to be, things to do and today wasn’t any different. He had plans for his day off work and they sure didn’t involve slacking off.
The library was always his go to place for most anything. There was a small cafe on the second floor he enjoyed more than he cared to admit, providing him with all the caffeine and soup his heart could desire. The first floor was mostly books, though he hardly spent his time there despite the many useful resources.
No, he much preferred the quiet halls of the lower floors, where no one usually bugged him and the booths were comfortable enough to sleep in when he spent the nights on campus instead of returning home.
So that is where he went, straight to his favorite spot which just so happened to be a corner booth with plenty of privacy and little distraction.
Sure it was lonely but Jay didn’t mind it. It gave him plenty of reason to focus on his homework instead of socialize. Probably wasn’t the healthiest.
Jay pulled his computer from his bag and sighed as it booted up.

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Fkanta was walking around the library, desperately trying not to be caught. Yes, they could turn invisible, yes, they could also turn human, maybe, in theory, but their true form was sticking on them and they found they could only really halfway transform.

So Fkanta snuck around. Snooped. Looked for their target-or client, apparently omniscient immortals had decided rebranding was a good idea-and sighed. If only they could be high enough ranked that they could have omniscience, or at least some actual control of their powers. But alas, no. They wouldn't be on assignments like these if they were up higher on the ranking list. They were next to the bottom, they took care of the messy ones. The ones people would grieve over. Not kings and queens and people with status, the personal, problematic ones.

Fkanta eventually settled for invisibility, and walked up to their target's booth. "Hello!" they said, completely forgetting they were invisible.

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Jay flinched at the sound of the voice, his notebook slipping from his hand.
“Damn…” he murmured softly, glancing up to look for the one who had spoken. Nothing. No one. Maybe it had been a trick his tired mind was playing on him. He really needed to get a decent nights sleep for once.
“Hello?” He called back nevertheless. It felt silly to do so. Someone was probably on the phone nearby. Or maybe he had merely imagined the voice. This wasn’t good for his sanity.