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Kind of want to rp with some new people but not entirely sure what I want it to be about I'm open to suggestions just want to have a little bit of fun I'm okay with romance but all explicit content will be taken to pm's Andrews's rules apply, I reserve the right to turn you away

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(Okie! this is my first rp with someone who isn't my girlfriend lol so I'm pretty much open to anything you can think of because this is new territory for me and we can discuss what you and I are comfortable doing but before we can started do you think I could see your rp style?)

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rp style….uh…oH! you mean my writing style. sure! I'm just gonna grab this from a story I'm currently writing

tw: suicide

Artemis Sparrow. Youngest Chemist in the world. A Chemistry Professor at Hitchsville University. And a spy for Ashely Burton, the leader of the Damned during the "Great War."

She was all of that once upon a time. Now she was the most hated person in Hitchsville and the reason why Harriet Jones was dead. Of course, they blamed her for the girl's death. Despite Artemis having nothing to do with it. She didn't ask for the Jones girl to jump in front of her and take a bullet that was meant for Artemis. But the girl did it. And she was blamed for it. And then everyone turned their backs on her. Albert. Francine. Pansy. Athena. Even Poppy. Everyone she had once considered a family had turned their backs on her.

And it hurt.

It hurt so badly.

She spent weeks drinking, trying to forget the betrayal at the hands of her friends. Her family. But it didn't work. Nothing she tried worked. Nothing would numb the pain. Nothing.

Perhaps this was the reason why she was currently bleeding from her wrists with a knife mere inches away from her body.

The world hated her. The people he considered family hated her. And if drinking wouldn't numb the pain, then what would?


Absolutely nothing.

Death was a much better option than living in a world where she would be openly hated for a thing she didn't do. She wasn't afraid of Death. Not anymore. She would be waiting for Death with open arms. Like an old friend.

She closed her eyes and a small smile appeared on her face. She stopped breathing and her body became limp.

Artemis Sparrow was dead.

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(Oh wow I wasn't expecting something like that this is great! We might not write as much as this for our rp but it also depends on what it's going to be about like I've previously stated I'm open to ideas if you should have any please let me know because I've never really done this before. )

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(ah, sorry about that. Been busy during the weekend. Um, I'm not exactly sure what we could do. Is there a genre you generally do? I could try finding prompts with that genre in mind)

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so, you know how in many fairy tales they portray the witch as an ugly and evil person? i was thinking we could do an rp where the princess or the prince falls in love with a young misunderstood witch (or warlock). the witch/warlock has a grudge against the royal family and is only going along with "oh, i love you too!" act just to get their revenge, but they eventually fall in love with the prince/princess.

i dunno, i just had that idea in my head for a while and i don't think this particular idea has been done before, so I think it would be fun to do.

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i"m so sorry, i've been busy the last couple of days with school ending and whatnot

so, do you want a template or do you just want to dive in?

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it's been a while since i just dove in, so i suppose we can do that
do you have any preference on what relationship you want this to be?
Female x Male, Male x Male, Female x Female
also what character do you want to be?

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Lillith Agatha Serphent was a twenty-three-year-old who liked to live in a comfortable little cottage in the middle of a forest, like any other witch. Living in a vast space filled with nature helped a lot with their powers than if they lived in the towns plagued with bumbling humans and royals living in their centuries-old castles. Lilith knew someone was coming into the forest almost daily. Their aura was strong and sickeningly sweet. She had half a mind to go after them and scare them away, but she had to admit, living in solitude was a little depressing. So, perhaps, this was the reason why she was currently setting up a trap that would immobilize a person or animal for a while, in hopes of finding out who kept sneaking into the forest and perhaps having them for company for a bit.

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(She sounds very… Interesting lol but I like her)

Isla walked quietly through the forest she was making sure none of the gaurds had followed her through the gates of the city she was enjoying the slight breeze and the smell of flowers that were growing in huge amounts all over she was wearing peasant clothing boots pants and a tunic it was perfect for sneaking out and she didn't like wearing dresses much anyway