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Like seriously? I live in a time zone where like right now its 4:00 and i usually always stay up till 7 and i was wondering if anyone’s up at this time?
If so, wanna roleplay?

All i really ask for is no one liners, no Mary Sues, and i prefer straight. Thats all lol
This doesn’t have to be one either of us really hold up to, as its late at night either that or where you are, its during the day and we just live in different time zones ig
Anyway, if we both like this enough, we could make it so we can both reply relatively often? Idk though

I can say no, i only will to like very very few people. (Like seriously. Don’t let that scare you away or anything lol)

Uhm please join???
I’m fine with any genre (i always love some romance in it too though)
Don’t care about the plot. We can discuss!

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(Sure! )
(Which ya thinkin? Plot wise anyway. I’m fine with from fantasy to strictly realistic and honestly any time zones. (I am better at modern, but any ones fine)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(Well I’m always down for romance any time of the day or night! So thats one thing! We should probably do something with a good plot or a mission so it doesn’t die easily. Do you like mystery?)

@Celeste_X0X0_ group

(Okie dokie!! Well if you have any plot ideas for mystery! I’m more than happy to hear them! I’m gonna go look at some prompts and hopefully ill be able to find some)

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(Alrighty. I did see one that was kind of funny:)
(Person A wakes up, and for some ungodly reason, there is no human left on the planet. Rather than go insane, Person A decides to start over— build earth peacefully from the ground up. After a while with no humans, the world has slowly started to rebuild itself, plants over growing and the climate stabilizing. Person A has created a whole farm, befriending animals and harvesting crops and whatnot, spending their time completely fine without technology or the like. It isn’t until Person B shows up that things start to get.. hectic… again.)

@LittleRiver local_movies

(Oh, no that works just fine! I can write either person A or B, and either side of the pairing. Do you have a preference? (I’m also kind of leaning toward being person a, if that’s alright?))

@LittleRiver local_movies

Full Name:


Physical Appearance: (links are welcome :)
Normal Attire:


Alrighty, there we are :)

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Full Name: Seong-Jin Hyuk
Nicknames/Aliases: People just call him JIn and he allows it
Age: 23 (If we want a younger or older age, just say so and ill happily change it)
Gender: male
Occupation: uhm… trying to survive and not go insane lol

Seong-Jin is mischievous and playful to the core. Hes caring and sweet but he likes to get on others nerves and is quite good at it. Why? For the fun of it. Why else? Though he knows when to stop and when he needs to earn once’s trust. Though he may not be good at it.
He can get quite protective of the ones he loves and falls quite easily. A hopeless romantic at heart.
With being so, hes also a flirt. Before everyone “left” he was the ladies man. Hes been a bit humbled since then. Though a few habits stuck.

Well Jins a gentleman, as he tries his best to be, but can also be a Clutz. Can….and will be.
He shows his love through touch and acts of service. Doing things for people and buying them things. He doesn’t tend to be well with words. But he does his best.

Hobbies: Drinking and making tea, comedy, binging tv shows, flirting, falling on his face and embarrassing himself for literally no reason tbh

Physical Appearance: (links are welcomed :)
Ive got a Pinterest board for my boiyo
Hes korean but he has pretty big bluish white eyes, he has a triangular face and a very defined and sharp jawline. His nose is kinda just normal sized and his lips are full (but not too full) his cheeks have a little bit of freckles on them along with his nose and a little bit on the sides of his forehead (near his temples) and their all very light.. He has a lot of white fluffy hair. Full light eyelashes, a bit blonde but some would argue they were white. He's 6’1 and semi muscular.

Normal Attire: What it shows in the pictures on the board <3
He likes to be fashionable and neat, looking clean is one of his highest priorities.
Button ups and jeans are usually his go to. But honestly, he can make any t shirt and ripped jeans look fashionable. He had…a lot of sisters lol

Parents unknown. Though one parent was korean and the other American.
He grew up in an abusive orphanage with a lot of other kids. When he was 14 he was adopted into a family who only wanted him to make them look like good people.
He spent most of the time putting up with their crap but after two years of it, he ran away and they never saw him again. On the run until he was 18, he never went to college. Worked as a bartender for about A year and a half until this all happened.

Family: none
Other: none that i can think of rn

Is he alright?

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Full Name: Leia Stone
Nicknames/Aliases: Lee
Age: 21
Gender: Female s/h
Occupation: Before everything happened? College student earning her BA biology degree

Personality: All over the place. She’s really sweet and friendly, outgoing when she wants to be. Although, she’s a borderline introvert, gaining her energy from being alone or with people she cares about— like charging a social battery. She doesn’t mind being alone— likes it, in fact— but can also be one heck of a leader. She’s very versatile in roles, able to work both behind the scenes and in front of a crowd. She takes pride in that ability, and while she’s not a people person, she actually tends to have smooth and casual interactions. She doesn’t have social anxiety, but still likes much smaller crowds.
Mannerisms: She always has some sorts of small trinkets in her pockets that she plays with when she’s thinking or nervous. She generally keeps her cool with many situations, so it’s hard to figure out what mannerisms she has. She definitely carries herself higher, confident.
Hobbies: Gardening, absolutely / woodcarving, although that was more of a recent hobby / building just a bunch of things

Physical Appearance: Shorter than average, probably standing at about 5’7” with less of a thin structure. She has some curves, and takes pride in them, although doesn’t really show them off often. She weighs about 130 lbs, but since the whole incident, carries the most of that weight in moderate muscle. She has tanner skin from her work outside, a light brazen, and the occasional freckle here and there. She has glasses, although they’re really kind of broken, the thin golden frames at a slight tilt and one of the nose pieces missing. Her hair is a deep brown with some natural caramel highlights mixed in, usually pulled back into dual braids or just loose around her shoulders. Leia also refrains from wearing make-up because it “is too much work, and a complete waste of time.”
Normal Attire: Baggy jackets over loose t-shirts, normally graphics of some kind. She adornes all her jackets with pins and patches— same with her jeans. She usually wears clothes on the warmer side of the spectrum, dealing with oranges and yellows. Then again, she also wears a bunch of band t’s, with vinyl graphics on them.

Backstory: Totally no clue, I just know she now was living off-campus in a house with three of her friends, and has had to take care of it since everyone just up and dissapeared. Since the disappearance, she has turned her entire backyard into a garden, and has begun to take care of the animals throughout her neighborhood. She purposefully let plants over grow in her residence, taking whatever she could find and plant and doing just that.
Family: Before the disappearance: Two mothers, and a little brother. After: A small white cat (male) named Koji, a huge Doberman pinscher (female) named Roxa, a very small but quite chubby black bulldog (male) named Silver, and last but not least, another grey and black cat named Smudge.
Other: …..tbd?