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O'Hara crossed her arms and frowned. This was ridiculous โ€“ she wasn't the imposter! So why wasn't her damn card swiping in admin? "Too fast?" she demanded the console. "What do you mean too fast?" She tried again. Now it read too slow. "What the hell?!" She pressed her lips together, waiting for a moment before trying again. This time, the panel flashed green with acceptance. "Finally, you work," she muttered, looking at her list of tasks displayed on the wrist of her suit.


kane watched from the door. he was the imposter, the virus in him demanding bloodshed. but he knew he needed to wait " problems crewmate?"

@Camie-simps-for-Eve-Best group

O'Hara rolled her eyes. "I'm not. My damn card finally swiped on the three hundredth try. Don't you have better things to be doing than watching me? What about your own tasks?"