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Basically Character A died Single and became a single ghost. Character B is a ghost that died in victorian era and is also single. Ghost A shows Ghost B how mach the world has changed and they slowly fall in love. (Slow burn my the way) also age differnce doesn't matter cause they are dead. Probably will be gay.


Okay here is the character sheets:
Age they died:
Appearence(as a ghost):
How they died:
Person A or B:

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Name: zander
Age they died:24
Gender: male
Personality: usually pretty silly and very social most of the time
Appearence(as a ghost): and also look like this it's more like his "human" form
How they died: car crash
Person A or B: A ☺


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Name: William

Age they died: 25

Sexuality: Gay but not out

Gender: male

Personality: quiet and reserved but has a soft spot once you get him to open up.

Appenence as a ghost: white short hair and blue eyes along with pale white skin and a white suite from the Victorian era. His feet are almost transparent and he floats an inch or 2 above the ground.

Appearance when he was alive: short blonde hair and blue eyes that stood out in any crowd. A black suite fit for Victorian era and never once did he smile.

How they died: Murder

Person A or B: B

(Sorry I couldn't figure out how to get the link to work so I couldn't get photos but I am decent at describing characters)


(Okay sorry it's a bit long)
William had died in 1781. He wasn't quite sure how. For a while after his death he looked over his loved one's as a ghost, after they died he rarely left the churchyard he had been buried in. Sometimes he would look at the people who walked through the cemetery, times had changed so much hopefully for the better. He had seen many wondrous things such as a woman wearing pants, or a man with hair down to his knees. It was truly wonderful to watch.

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Van der was a college student well at least he was… He died about two weeks ago in a car crash due to a drunk driver he, hadn't exactly accepted the fact that he died until he watched his own funeral take place which was awful for him to see he didn't understand what was happening or why it was happening, to him.


This morning William walked into the graveyard and saw ghost around his age looking onto his own funeral. Poor thing. He walked toward the boy. "Hey you good?" He asked him placing a hand on his shoulder.


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"Yes, I also happen to be a ghost," William said before taking his hand off of Zander's shoulder, "My name is William how about you?"


"I'm sorry you died," he remarked, "at least you can see all of your friends and family here to mourn you." He looked over at Zander, "some people might say your lucky, not everyone becomes a ghost,"