forum A Sirens Tail (A Little Mermaid Retelling)
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In a poignant tale of sacrifice and love, a siren yearns to be with a captivating prince on land. Desperate to trade his fins for legs, he strikes a deal with a sea witch, surrendering his voice for the chance to walk on land. However, every step becomes a painful reminder of the price he paid, and with only a month to make the prince fall in love, the merman faces the looming threat of transforming into sea foam if he fails.

Hi guys! I'm just trying to do as many rps as I can to further strengthen my writing for my big book. For this rp, it will be a pms rp.

I will also need a writing sample, and if I reject you, it's nothing personal, I just need a style that flows with mine.

This rp could be short or long, it all depends on whether or not we decide to go with the Anderson version or not.

Last thing is pleaseee be at least 18 to rp with me.