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William had been a detective for as long as he could remember.

At first, it had started out as nothing more than helping his parents, who were renowned detectives and had trained his four older brothers in the art of detective work long before him. Quite frankly he hadn't had an interest when he was younger, only because he had been looking for more important things in life than following in the footsteps of his parents. But after he had accidentally helped out with one of his father's cases? Well, there had been no turning back.

He had grown to love the art. Will had helped so many over the course of his thirty years, and the detective with heterochromia, soft features and blond hair had made a name for himself. A kind man. A good man, they said. And that only made things worse for his self-confidence when he didn't feel like he would or could be able to help people who came to his offices.

There were stacks of letters on his messy desk, so much so that he could barely see the oak underneath anymore. He needed to sort through them. Needed to clean up and get his shit together but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. His mind was a mess and his life was a mess surrounding it. The radio ticked over in the corner, playing Radio 2 and listening to the news. At least the upbeat of the channel kept his mind working for longer. Anything else only brought him to a halt.

But he had a meeting. Some criminal barista was wanting to meet him. He didn't quite know why because they hadn't got that far into their conversations yet, but he figured that it was for help on a case. Why else would she be wanting to meet him? He didn't know, but he would soon be finding out.

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Anna inhaled slowly as she stepped into the detective agency. The familiar buzz of energy surrounded the place, and the scent of freshly brewed coffee seeped through the air. She could remember far too many memories here. And most of them were not very pleasant.

Without waiting any longer, Anna set off toward the back offices. She kept a brisk pace so that no one would interrupt her on her walk. There were a few who recognized her, smiling or nodding in acknowledgment. Anna waved politely back, but she didn't slow down to talk to any of them. Her meeting was in two minutes, and she couldn't be late. It would be poor taste, especially since she hadn't ever worked with the man she was about to meet before.

Even worse, if she got interrupted, she might run into Harry. The man was a weight across her shoulders. Anna constantly worried for his safety, especially as he gambled away most of the money he'd ever made. It was exactly the reason why they were in the middle of divorce proceedings. But, technically as of the present, they were still a married couple.

Anna swallowed as she walked down the line of closed office doors. Her hair was pulled back today into a ponytail, a honey-colored waterfall cascading down her back. She wore a simple black dress with black heels and had several folders tucked in her arms. A purse was also slung over her shoulder as she tried to keep everything balanced. She wouldn't be able to bear the embarrassment if everything she was holding came crashing to the ground and papers burst throughout the hallway.

Finally, she approached the door of the detective she was supposed to meet. Anna triple-checked his name on her paperwork and the engraved nameplate in front of her before lifting her hand and knocking swiftly on the door.


Multicoloured eyes scanned the masses of paper work, the letters, the requests. He didn't even know where to start when it came to sorting it out. Will did his best, through, and pushed the round glasses that sat on the end of his nose up the bridge just a little further as he began organizing as he waited for the woman he was to meet to arrive.

He didn't know her personally. Will had heard of Anna because the woman had made a name for herself and in the world fo crime it was difficult to not know everyone when it felt as if you worked on top of each other constantly. But the two had never been in the position to work with each other before. Until now.

The detective could only assume she needed help on a criminal case, a mystery unsolved, if she was coming to him for help. Will would do his best, that was his job and he wasn't about to turn her down. Well, unless the case was stupid beyond belief and a waste of his time. Usually he didn't like thinking that way, because his job was to help and that was what he was going to do - help - but sometimes the cases were so ridiculous that he just had to say no.

Like the case of a 'were-rabbit.' He nearly shivered at the thought.

But just as he was placing a stack of files on top of the cabinet by his desk there was a knock on the door. That would be her, then, "Come in!" He called, removing his glasses and absentmindely throwing them onto his desk.

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Anna had briefly recognized the detective's name, but she wasn't very familiar with him personally. That was exactly why she was here. She needed a new opinion, completely unbiased, on her latest case.

She held her breath as she twisted the knob and pushed the door open. The first thing she noticed was the messiness of the office, but she didn't judge. It was to be expected from someone in his profession. Too many things to work on, not enough space to put everything, and definitely limited time to rearrange even if he wanted to. Her own office wasn't this bad, but it was certainly far from perfect.

The second thing she noticed was him. Specifically his eyes. They were different colors – one a brilliant blue and the other a soft brown. Anna was immediately intrigued. The freckles splashed across his cheeks were darling too. He was thin (frighteningly so, in Anna's opinion) and though she couldn't tell just how tall he was while he was sitting in his chair, the way his hair framed his face gave him the illusion of someone much younger. But Anna knew better.

She knew of his extensive reputation and the long list of cases he had solved. He was one of the most reputable detectives in the unit, but somehow, they had never managed to work together. Well, that was going to change now. Anna needed more help on her latest case than she cared to admit. And William seemed to be the only person that she could turn to for the answers she needed.

When she saw him, Anna smiled warmly. "Hello," she greeted. "William Erbosol? I'm Anna Clayton."


"Ah, Ms Clayton, it's a pleasure to finally meet you!" William returned her smile with one of his own, and it brightened his already soft features into a picture of warmth and friendliness. There was a reason he was called the world's nicest detective, and it was because he gave the picture of innocence and purity, really, with how he looked.

His mind was a far darker place than what it appeared on the outside, consuming his every thought were not only his own troubles, but that of everyone else's, too. Somehow he managed to take everything on all the time, but that didn't surprise him these days. He had always been like that, ever since he was a kid, and his past history made it obvious as to why he was so insecure the majority of the time. One wouldn't tell, though, considering he did his best to appear happy and focused the rest of the time.

The detective stood from his desk, making it clear that he was at least a couple inches taller than Anna now that he was standing and his full far too skinny frame was made clear in the sunlight shining through his office window. He rolled up the sleeves of his red and brown patterned sweater and extended a hand in greeting as he crossed the short distance to meet the woman properly.

"I've heard a lot about you. All good things. You're a brilliant mind, if I may say so. Please, uh, have a seat." He gestured to the chair sitting opposite his desk. It looked a little worn, but that was only because it was well-loved. God, he probably looked like a slob with the mess of the space he worked in, but that only reflected that of his messy mind.

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Anna's smile brightened as well when William greeted her. "The pleasure is mine, DI Erbosol," she replied kindly. Two small pieces of her honey-blonde hair framed her face, softening her appearance as well. Many in her field underestimated her simply based on the fact she was a pretty-looking woman. And she wiped the floor with them in court because of it.

As William rose from his desk, Anna turned to shut the door gently behind her. When she looked forward again, he was standing in front of her with his hand extended and a charming demeanor about him. There was something about the way he looked so at home in his office that had Anna immediately wanting to know him better.

She reached out and shook the hand he offered without hesitation. A soft blush came to her cheeks as he complimented her. "The feeling is mutual. Your reputation precedes you, detective. Though I do wish we could have met without such grave circumstances."

Anna's heels clicked as she walked toward the chair he indicated, and she sat down easily. She didn't seem to think twice about the clutter of his office and instead immediately set her bag on her lap and began to sift through her papers. Anna Clayton certainly wasn't one to waste time. "Did you have a chance to read over the forms I asked DS Chohan to send you? The transcripts from…" She paused a moment as she lifted a piece of paper out to read a sentence on it before shaking her head, putting it back, and continuing through her bag for whatever it was she was looking for.

"Kevin Gray's interview?" she finished, looking back up at him with soft brown eyes.

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Will couldn't help his soft chuckle, "So do I, but such is the life of us in the criminal realm."

Their worlds revolved around death and circumstances that they wished weren't as grave or severe. At least for most of the cases that he worked on, which were generally high end, serious criminal cases. Will had worked his way up through the ranks throughout his life to be able to have the opportunity to handle the crimes that needed the most focus, that were far more serious than traffic violations or missing pets.

He moved to behind his own desk, quickly shuffling some papers out to the side to make room for his laptop, "Forgive me, I haven't had the time to look yet." He replied, grabbing his round glasses and placing them back over his eyes. Even though the frames were black they took nothing away from the brightness of those multicoloured eyes that he had.

Will scanned his email until he found what he was looking for, "You wouldn't mind briefing me on the case, would you?" He asked, looking up at Anna with a bit of a sheepish look.

He had had no time to read up on the case that he had been assigned to just yet. The detective had been so busy with another recent case up until that morning that he felt as if he had had no time for himself in the last two months of working it. But there was nothing that could be done about that, now. There was work to be done and people to help and right now that involved helping the beautiful woman sitting across from his desk.

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Anna smiled, a bit sadly, but it was only for a second. “Indeed,” she remarked and left it at that.

She continued looking through her bag as he walked behind his desk and opened up his computer. Anna spared a brief glance up at him, smiling gently with amusement, and she noticed the light in his eyes. She caught herself staring, so she blinked quickly and looked away.

“No no, it’s alright,” she assured him. Finally, she found the folder she was looking for and pulled it out. “I wasn’t sure if you would get a chance to look or not.” Anna thumbed through her hard copy while Will pulled up his email. “I figured if you did, it might save us some time, but it’s no trouble talking it over together.”

Anna glanced back up at him and smiled at the look in his face. “I don’t mind,” she replied. “I more than understand being busy in this line of work.

“My client, Kevin Grey, was taken into custody on the second of April at approximately 16:30. He was placed under suspicion of murder charges for killing Freddie Lau, owner of The Green Dragon Casino in southwest London. Initially, his potential motive was the murder of his girlfriend, Kayleigh Fenchurch, which Lau was the prime suspect for. However, obviously Lau was murdered before he was able to be questioned further on the case. So, Fenchurch's murderer remains a mystery.

“But I think there’s something not right in all of this. At his interview, Grey confessed to the murders of both Lau and Fenchurch. He also had previously agreed to being interviewed without a solicitor present.” She paused, motioning to herself. “Nathan put me on the case, so I showed up, and he wasn’t expecting me. And…”

Anna stopped for a moment, hesitating to finish her sentence. Eventually, she sighed and continued. “And my husband was there. Harry Clayton. We’re still a married couple, so we both couldn’t work on the case. He left and I stayed, but DS Chohan couldn’t get much more out of Grey on her own. My thoughts are coercion or the possibility of an affair, but I really need someone else’s help.” She lifted her gentle eyes to him again. “And that’s where you come in. I’d like to meet with Grey at Whitecross for another interview. I was hoping you might come with me.”


Will looked over the notes that he had been sent while Anna spoke, listening intently as he followed along and was briefed on all the details that he needed surrounding the case. A curious and confused frown crossed his features not moments later when she continued. It was odd indeed, considering Grey confessed to both the murders, even the one of his girlfriend. He had questions, that was for sure, and he was more than aware that Anna probably had questions of her own. It was why she was most likely here.

The way that she spoke and paused before speaking about her husband had Will's gaze flicking from the screen to her and back again. Her expression spoke wonders. Marriage issues. Legally still married, so unable to work on the case even if they were having problems, or filing for divorce. Will took a gamble and guessed it was the latter, because her sigh was a dead giveaway, just as much as her pause was.

"Interesting," The detective leaned back in his seat and it rocked slightly, a testament to how old it was considering it definitely was not supposed to do that, "I am certainly intrigued. I would be more than happy to help you with the case."

Will crossed his arms over his chest, bringing one up to tap at his chin as he thought, "When would we be meeting him? When is your next interview time?" He asked. The sooner the better in this instance. The quicker that they got to the bottom of the case the sooner they could bring closure to the families of the dead victims.

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As she spoke, Anna made sure that she didn't miss anything. Even the smallest details could prove to be significant, which was something she had learned from working in her particular field as long as she had. Never overlook anything.

Anna also didn't want to linger on the topic of her marriage, especially since that was a detail that didn't affect Grey's case in the slightest. She and Harry were still working their way through divorce proceedings. What made it infinitely more difficult was the fact that Anna always had to chase down her husband to get him to actually sign the documents that needed his signature. She'd devoted almost entire days to it.

Her finger tapped with nervous abandon on her papers. The tension in her body doubled as the detective in front of her rocked back in his chair. But once he agreed, she let out an audible sigh of relief. "Thank you," she replied, gazing at him with soft brown eyes. "I wasn't sure you'd agree. I didn't think anyone would." Having a case where the client confessed to two murders out of the gate, and one they weren't even being currently charged with, tended to dissuade people from stepping in to help.

"Well," she began hesitantly. This was the other major turnoff: short notice. "The interview is currently scheduled for… today. In about…" Anna checked her watch, "an hour at Whitecross Prison." She smiled meekly. "I hope that's not too soon for you. If you can't accompany me, I understand. I can contact Governor Julian and move the time back. But the last time I spoke to Kevin, there was something he wouldn't tell me. He said no one could help him now. I must find out what he's hiding from me. From the police."


Will only brought his hand down from his chin and crossed it over his chest with the other once again as he listened. He was never one to turn down a case, at least unless it was going to be actually terrible and there was no way for anyone or anything to solve it. There was only one case that had ever happened in his entire life, and there was nothing like that since. It was the one case that still haunted him because it was the one case he had never succeeded with.

Either way, the case was interesting and intriguing and he wanted to work on it, to see what all of the commotion was about and what was happening. Will knew that there would be families confused, families that wanted answers just as they did, and he had the opportunity to help Anna with the case and figure it all out. Besides, Anna was sweet, and clearly needed help. She looked stressed, like the case was weighing on her mind and Will was going to do what he could in order to help.

But he couldn't help but raise his brows at the comments, especially at the quick turnaround for the interview. A small smile quirked at the sides of his lips. He hadn't been expecting to go out today, but that was what it was like in their world. Everything was up in the air, everything was all over the place and unexpected. Nothing was ever set in stone and when it came to murder cases, they needed to take whatever they could get. Killers could shut down at any point and they certainly didn't want that because then they weren't going anywhere.

"I had been planning on cleaning my office today," He said, gesturing to the mess of papers and books and notes all across his office, "But it seems something more interesting has appeared. So, I'll come with you, even if the notice is a bit soon." He sent her a wink.