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(Yeahhhhh! It's awesome! Lemme yeet Sylvie into here.)

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(Lol, alright. He's lookin' good! Here goes-)

Name: Sylvia Forest

Age: 23

Race/Species: (powered) human

Appearance: Her eye color is emerald green, they glow a vivid jade when she uses her powers. Her hair color is black with silvery white streaks. Her height is 6'0". Pic of Sylvia (both of the girls shown are Sylvia)

Basic Personality: At first, she may come off as seductive, villainous, and maybe insane, but she is also really childish, sometimes… She can become very emotional at times and she usually lets her actions speak louder than her words.

Powers: Her powers are creating and controlling plants, reading minds (sort of), controlling pain and healing, she speaks Ophidian fluently, levitating, and can shapeshift into a black cobra with aventurine green spots, she is immune to both poison and venom of any kind, and possibly more… (Snake Pic)

Voice: She had to fix her voice after accidentally messing with a potion that made her voice sound high pitched and obnoxious. (Kinda like a female villain from a nickelodeon kids show ig, lol.) She lived with it for a while but grew tired of people (and snakes) mention it.

After getting many treatments and potions, she now has a seductive sounding voice and has an occasional lisp (kinda like a snake hiss, it mainly shows whenever she says something with an "s")


-She lives alone in an abandoned, hidden castle in the Obsidian forest, that she rarely leaves. She loves collecting and using weapons and loves experimenting with potions.

-She wears a golden snake collar on her neck, that can become a real snake. (She named him Sylvester.) Snake Collar/Sylvester Pic

[More may or may not be revealed later…]

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(Thanks! [yee])
(Well, as much as I love that vid now, (I swear, Imma quote that on a daily basis now, lol.) the voice was actually a reference to the original (cringe) "screenplay" she was in, and the way I voiced her. (Tbh, I can still do the voice.) But thanks anyway! :D )

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(You’re welcome!)
([Lmao!] Ah, I think I remember seeing you say that somewhere. I forgot it until now, lol. But, either way, I couldn’t help myself, and I figured it would be funny as hell regardless. Goofy grin)
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(You’re fine. To be honest, even though I wouldn’t mind trying to get back into this, I don’t think I have the time. It’s been really busy IRL for me lately, and I’ve barely been able to keep up with my other rps at all. So, even though it saddens me to do so, I’m going to step away from this. Maybe we can retry this if I ever get more time again)

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