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Adcvbm uhhhh I mean
I'm chill with whatever you guys want to do as long as your characters aren't too OP

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Feel free to add anything else to the template!



Species, if any:





Things that annoy them:

Small Quirks:




Name: Mordechai Menthi (Mori)

Age: 7 years old

Species, if any: Human 😘

Appearance: (Extended) He's 3'4 and about 40 pounds. He has several small scars littering his body.

Personality: He's very quiet; almost eerily so sometimes. At least until he gets to know someone, and then he likes chatting with whoever he's with about anything and everything. He sometimes says strange, cryptic things, and seems to be hiding something. Despite his attempts to seem older than he is, he's very much still just a kid, and tends to cling to older people to feel safer. He's also pretty curious about most things, sometimes to the point of endangering himself. He's a soft baby.

Likes: Nighttime, Rain, Warm/soft things (blankets, general warmth, etc)

Dislikes: Being cold, being touched (without permission/warning), Bugs, Being alone

Things that annoy them: Condescension, Being interrupted, Being ignored, Cracking knuckles, Not respecting his personal space

Small Quirks: Often fidgety, Bothered by repetitive or loud noises, Prone to toying with his hair or clothing, Very curious

Backstory: Mori has never known his parents, or at least doesn't think he has. He actually lived with his parents until two years prior to the present time. They were killed in an accident that he inadvertently caused, and he has repressed the memories to the point where he no longer remembers anything from his past other than vague, foggy snippets from time to time. These flashbacks are painful (not physically, but emotionally) and he doesn't like to talk about them. He has practiced magic and while his abilities are pretty volatile and not entirely reliable at the moment, he has the potential to become formidable.

Other: He has magic now because I said so. Yes it will cause problems, and likely won't solve very many

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So, she actually is/was a vampire oc, but she'd be great as a zombie. And uh, wow, her appearance changed a lot.

Name: Yoko Miyamoto

Age: 10

Species, if any: Zombie.

Appearance: No, the red part of her hair is not blood. For some reason, when she was younger, her parents dyed a section of her hair red. Maybe to recognize her from the extremely similar children they had? She's 4'1 and weighs about 60 pounds.

Personality: Yoko doesn't talk much to people and does her best to avoid humans. She's quiet and likes to mind her own business. Unlike other Zombies, she's one of the few who are actually friendly. She's a little bit rude to humans, but she has nothing against them. By nature, she just can't fully trust a human. She's a bit mysterious and can actually be protective of someone or something.

Likes: The night sky, empty streets, books, large clothes, hoodies, walking, crayons (for some reason)

Dislikes: Crowded places, bugs, extremely bright things, people getting too close to her, loud noises

Things that annoy them: When she has to change her hiding place (where she lives) due to humans being nosy and checking her place out.

Small Quirks: She taps her fingers softly against her arm when she's nervous and has gotten the habit of biting her lip until "blood" comes out.

Backstory: She was the…oldest child, in a sense. Her siblings looked exactly the same as her, which freaked her out because it was impossible for another person to look exactly like you. She was actually a test subject, and her parents were mad scientists who decided to create clones of her. She really despised her clones and ended up killing them and then fleeing where she was born.


  • She's not a full zombie yet, but she's getting there. She lives within human society and covers her face with a scarf, a mask, or the hoodie of a sweater.
  • Yoko Miyamoto is not her actual name. Her actual name is Test Subject #1
  • She doesn’t have friends :(
  • She would rather die again, than help zombies convert the remaining humans into…well zombies.
  • Sometimes, she remembers when she was test subject.