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(alright so we have to guys from rival noble families, lets have them liike at a party or something so that they are in the same place, ok?)

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Donevan, the eldest son of Lord Mond, was standing near the center of the crowd of the party. It was hosted in his father's manor, where he still lived, so he had little choice but to be present. He wanted nothing more than to get away, to go back to his room or library or garden or basically anywhere where he could be alone. He glanced around the people talking to him eagerly, paying no mind to any of the words they were saying, his red eyes passing over each face briefly. The Mond family were known for their red eyes and dark hair, and Donevan was no exception.

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The only reason Avdey was here was because his father had given him that look. The look that usually meant a very intense scolding if Avdey didn’t fly straight. And all because his father didn’t want to be here, he forced Avdey to come and suffer with him. Asshole.

Avdey casts his gaze across the room, his eyes a brown so dark, they almost always looked black. He was searching for anyone he may know