forum What would Draconic sound like?
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I imagine a lot of grunts and guttural noises, but what else? I think a lot of hard consonants are in order, but I was also wondering if there would be different stresses, especially if there were different dialects. The words would be pronounced the same, but it's like PEE-CAN or Pih-CAHN, or what have you. Any thoughts?

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Ok so based off of the name I imagine some letters and words pronounced with a grunt or growl. But yet despite that I imagine it sounding quite elegant yet hard to understand without knowing the language.

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Are you talking about a Draconic language (i.e., a language designed for Dragons, and entirely different from English) or a Draconic accent (English spoken by a dragon)?


Yeah, as I interpret dragons as having either entirely different or "modified" vocal organs designed to handle the stress of grunting and lots of airflow.

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I would imagine that too, I feel like each species of dragon would have a bit of a different way. Like how fire dragons would be rushed and spoken with a bite, water ones would sound like music a bit, air ones would have an airey tone, earth would have grunts and growls.