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Okay, so here's the challenge: you have to write somethings (no more than a paragraph) in your language, and only give a few letters (a dozen, maybe), basic punctuation and grammar rules, and all like that. Everyone else has to figure out what the passage says, only using whats provided! Have fun! ;)


I will start. I will tell you: this is the written version of the spoken format, since the written version is a munch of symbols. I will give you the spoken "letters" for A-P, and then the ones for -TH- and -ING. When the word Hier comes up, that is referring to the ruler of the Evolutions, Brier Aft.
So here's the letters:
A= Ar
B= Busk
C= Curm
D= Druf
E= Eh
F= Feh
G= Grah
H= Hak
I= Ie
J= Juz
K= Krr
L= Lmä
M= Hrm
N= Nrm
O= Ok
P= Prr
-TH-= Träk
-ING= Nmgl.


And here's the paragraph:
Hier weyarsr ar drufarnrmgrahokrrrruksr träknmgl, fehokrrrrhhrmarlmälmäyjq ar hrmarnrm, tzalweyiesrtzalehdruf buskyjq träkeg vvffierrrruksr weyieträkiernm hakiehrm, arnrmdruf nrmokwey nrmoknrm-hakukhrmarnrm. Hakeh rrrruklmälmäehsr hakiesr prrehokprrlmäeh, träkeh Ehvvffoklmäuktzalieoknrm'sr, weyieträk arnrm ierrrroknrm grahrrrrieprr, arnrmdruf iesr srtzalielmälmä drufrrrrievvffnmgl hakarhrmarnrmietzalyjq tzalok ehxtzalienrmtzalieoknrm. Drufarnrmgrahehrrrrsr, okträkehrrrr träkarnrm träkeh Ehvvffoklmäuktzalieoknrmsr, prrrrrrokweylmä träkeh oknrmcurmeh-grahrrrrehartzal arrrrreharsr okfeh träkeh weyokrrrrlmädruf: Ehvvffoklmäuktzalieoknrm Arnrmiehrmarlmäsr träkartzal ehsrcurmarprrehdruf träkeh Lmäoksrtzal Zsaoknrmeh, drufehsrieehsreh, feharhrmienrmeh, arnrmdruf okträkehrrrr träknmglsr. Träkeh Grahrrrrehfehfehokrnm Rrrrehbuskehlmälmäieoknrm weyarsr feharielmänmgl ienrm träkehierrrr ehnrmdrufehvvffokrrrrsr, tzalrrrryjqnmgl tzalok krrielmälmä Hier arnrmdruf hakiesr rrrruklmäen. Uknrmtzalielmä Arvvffarlmäyjqnrm Krrrrrroksrienrm arnrmdruf Curmrrrrehehdruf curmarhrmeh arlmäoknrmgrah….

(Good luck. Have fun. >;) )

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^^ There's no need to be a dick.

Brier Aft was a dangerous thing, formally a mon(?), twisted by the virus within him and now non-human, he rules his people, the evolutions, with an iron grip and is driving humanity to extinction. Dangers other than the Evolutions Prowl the once-great areas of the world. Evolution Animals that escaped the Lost Zone, disease, famine and other things. The Griffon Rebellion was failing in their endeavours, trying to kill Brier Aft and his rule. Until Avalyn Krosin and Creed came along…

Ah I tried, it was fun :) How'd I do?


Serious question: how would this language be pronounced (for example if it would turn into a movie or something and characters had to speak it)? Are all the letters pronounced phonetically or are some letters silent? How would one say the word, "Grahrrrrehfehfehokrnm?" Do you roll the tongue for all the "R's". How did you start to create a language?


PROcrastinator, it's hard to describe. Hivlang (as I call it) is an extremely hard language to learn for humans. It's a fast and guttural. Most of it is spoken from the back of the throat, but its a language where it really doesn't matter if you roll your R's or not, but it is preferred if you do, because there are some words where if you don't you'll accidentally call the commanding officer of the Evolution Army a "Selfish Ass" instead of the actual title.

Unlike the english language, the way they pronounce things can depend on who you're talking too. If you were talking to Brier, (Everyone must call him HIER, as calling a leader-type Evolution by their real name is disrespectful unless you're above them in rank) you would have to pronounce it perfectly. "Grah" would sound more like "GUHRRRAHHHH" instead of how most people would normally say it.


One thing I find important to mention is that yours is not a language, but a code. If you can translate what a speaker is saying simply by trading letters, it isn't a language. That isn't how language works. Even if you have grammar rules to it that makes it not an exact translation, your 'cipher' still makes the words discernable.

For example, you can switch around the letters in a sentence written in Spanish all you want, but unless you actually know what the words in 'Hola, ¿te gusta comer pies?' mean, you will have no idea that I'm asking you if you like to eat feet. However, if you change the language by, say, moving all letters one to the left, then I can ask 'Ipx bsf zpv upebz?' and you can figure out I'm asking 'How are you today?'

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I agree with @HF - with a cipher, this challenge works, but with a real language it would be next to impossible. You'd probably have to give every grammar rule applicable to the text you'd written.

Here's just one sentence of mine:

Otaëlvu tandun.

To translate that you'd need to know 4 root words and about 5 separate grammar rules. If anyone really
wants to try that, roots and rules in the spoilers.


Here's mine!

Vu ryg gyhipow r kyrpow, vu ryg r fuhicr. Fygaro gahvupowyr vupow.

Hint 1:

Hint 2:

Hint 3:

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I'm guessing it's

I think there's an 'o' (hi) missing in 'fucr'.


I'm guessing it's

I think there's an 'o' (hi) missing in 'fucr'.

thx! I fixed it! (And you're right)


Oh, I have one. It’s harder than the rest. It’s a stacked language so the word words like
안녕하세요 so it would read like ㅇ1 ㅏ2 ㄴ3 ㄴ4 ㅕ5 ㅇ6 ㅎ7 ㅏ8 ㅅ9 ㅔ10 ㅇ11 ㅛ12. I hope that makes sense.

ㅌ힛 란과게 잇 코러악 올 한국. 우으 곹 느 잠ㅅ.

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@"Suga Lover ~Insta-Smile~"
That’s English words written using Korean Hangul, right?

I’m not sure of the first word in the second sentence. Following the system, it looks like ‘silent-u-silent-oo’ and therefore ‘uoo’?

(A side note: Really this thread should be called Transliteration Challenge, because most users are sharing writing systems rather than languages.)