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So, I've been thinking about having the big reveal in my book spoken in the main character's native language (which is fictional). Would it be weird for her to make a speech in her language? And how should I incorporate a translation in to this?

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A couple of questions to get more detail on the situation so I can hopefully be of assistance:

  • What is the significance of the reveal being in her native language?
  • Do the other characters speak/understand this language?
  • What POV is the story told from? (First-person, third-person limited, third-person omniscient)


@Riorlyne To answer your questions

  1. The significance shows that she knew who she has been the entire time of the book and that she is no longer afraid of hiding
  2. They don't know her language, though one of them knows bits and pieces
  3. And it's more third person limited


@AJMaskell I don't know if you're still working on this in december, but I think you should avoid doing a reveal in a language the reader and most of the characters do not understand. if the climax here is just her revealing who she is, then it would be better if it was in the language of those listening. ( i also don't know if 'who she is' is disliked, taboo, or considered evil in any way, or if it's something like finding out she's not fully human if she was raised as one, but this factors into the reveal). You should consider revealing this to just her close friends and developing their reactions and story from there, unless she is ready (as you say) to face haters and outward discrimination from the whole community of people who would find out.


@SapphireLeopardess I am still working on this story (have been for a little over a year now). And yeah, I am thinking of going back to having the reveal done in a language that people understand, but I think I'll just see what happens when I get to writing it.