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I’ve been learning Japanese for a while and I recently found out one of the apps I’ve been using to learn it has a separate app specifically for language scripts and alphabets, without all the extra vocabulary and grammar, and I’ve found it really helpful for learning about the alphabet systems of the world, how to read/write them, and how they work
The app’s called Drops: Scripts, it’s free but has an optional subscription if you want more than one 5-minute session every 10 hours (which sounds ridiculously small but it actually works pretty great and you get a lot of bonus time for keeping up a streak, which is also flexible as you can miss a day without any consequence)
I started learning Chinese Hanzi radicals a week ago and I’m almost finished already, it’s extremely quick and while it will need a tiny bit of extra research to fully understand the alphabet (ex. how radicals are used, what differs them from full characters, why some things are pronounced the exact same but with different tones, and how to know what tones to use for each word, etc), most of that can be learned in a few Google searches with little need to actually study the entire language.

It currently has

  • American Sign Language
  • Chinese Hanzi
  • English ABC
  • Hebrew alphabet
  • Indian Devanagari
  • Japanese Kana and Kanji
  • Korean Hangul
  • Russian Cyrillic
  • Sanskrit (Yoga)

along with some extras like how to read Cyrillic in a cursive font, differences between typed and handwritten Hebrew, etc.
more are being added, and again, most of these can be completed in a little over a week, so it’s kinda just a short little thing to learn from but gosh has it helped me. I highly, highly recommend checking it out as it’s really fun and being able to recognize and name foreign scripts just from seeing them on the sides of packaging is an extremely exciting feeling-

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That sounds really cool! Thanks for sharing, Ella!