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Mark Rosenfelder's Fantasy Frequency Wordlist

Soloste, language creators!

I came across this and thought that it might be helpful for those of us on here creating our own languages (especially in fantasy/sci-fi contexts). It's an excerpt from Mark Rosenfelder's "Conlanger's Lexipedia", and is basically a list of the most frequent word roots used in fantasy and sci-fi. To quote the author:

The Fantasy Frequency Wordlist, a 1500-item list of the most common roots from a 1.1-million-word corpus of fantasy and science fiction. It's an ordered wordlist designed for world creation, and helps you put your effort where it's most useful.

I've gotten to the stage in my language endeavours where the grammar's pretty much done and I just need to make a lot more roots and words. I had found going through "Most frequently used words in English" lists unhelpful, since I had to skip so many (telephone, Saturday, football, etc). And were "merchant" and "blade" ever going to show up on a list like that?

But a list of "Most frequently used words in fantasy"? Sign me up. :D

Anyhow, I hope this can be a help to someone on here!

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I guess that I am not quite understanding what is happening here. Are you asking for words or giving us a pep talk?