forum Any resources for creating your own language?
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Hey I'm trying to build a new language for a story I'm working on, but I don't have the $$$ to get a subscription and use for language. Does anyone know of somewhere I can find a site that helps me build a language? Thanks!

Daniel Unterholzner

A YouTuber named Artifexian is creating a large amount of Worldbuilding videos on YouTube, some of which included conlanging. I highly suggest watching his videos on language building as they helped me create my own language. You can find him at Another resource that I recommend is the Language Construction Kit (found at This one is more centralized around language building and even has some tools to help build the language itself (like one for inputting the sounds of your language, adding some rules, and then having it generate words for you; or one for deriving words for child languages). I recommend both resources highly for anyone who is a beginner in either linguistics, conlanging, or both.