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Tolkalee, is a general for an army, a spy, and a healer. Because he's a spy he uses his healing as a cover for him in one place, while his real job is being a general.
Tonakee, is a ninja, but not the mask black garbs type. She's a silent protector. She keeps an enemy from getting to the kingdom on the other side of her forces.
Chris, is a general, and a consultant. He can lead an army, but on the side he likes being able to help people with their day to day lives and give them advice.
Kye, is a peace negotiator. Whenever he hears of a possible war he goes and talks to the leaders separately and then gets all of them together to negotiate. Occasionally he will barely stop the war from happening by showing up in between the two.
Roshiel, is a mercenary for higher. He only takes the jobs he wants, no matter what the pay.
Taca, is a farmer, and a seamstress, and an innkeeper. She helps out with the big farmers and has a farm of her own she sews clothing for people in her free time and she helps run an inn with her good friend.

See, useful. What do your characters do and why?


Yamatsukami is a blacksmith because he has an obsession with creating weaponry and it's generally cheaper to make your own rather than buy them.

Sharla Kaiser is a general surgeon because she is following in the footsteps of her entire family and hoping to make her hardass father proud.

Aqua is a fisherman/fishmonger because that's what he's good at, aside from drawing and origami. People are more inclined to buy food from him rather than small crafts, so he keeps his art as a hobby.

Guinevere was a huntress because she sought revenge against the creatures that made her family's life difficult and to protect those who couldn't defend themselves from dragons and wyverns.

Gawain was a miner and safecracker because that was what his grandmother forced him to be, keeping his powers on lockdown and using them only when they benefitted her criminal organization.

Galahad and his siblings, Percival and Lancelot, were tailors and leatherworkers because that's what they enjoyed, with Galley giving his outfits a small magical effect to help them sell better. His siblings were there because they wanted to have Galley's back if his magic was discovered and to help him recover every time he used those powers.

Nearly all of them lost their jobs or had to change jobs within their field once the Great Wyvern War started.