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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for historical fiction (1400-1500 Europe or Middle East preferably). I'm writing in the almost historical fantasy realm but completely devoid of magic.

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omg same boiii
although mine does have magic lmao
What do you mean by suggestions for historical fiction? As in suggestions for an actual story or…?

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oh ok cool! So like writing prompts then? May I shamelessly self-promote my Pinterest board exactly for that? :'D I hope it'll help, and I have more relating to writing if you'd like.
Otherwise, here's one:
'You're vacationing is a city you've never been before, when you suddenly find yourself in a place you've seen hundreds of times in your dreams. The person you always see in those dreams is there too, and they turn as ask, "Is it really you?"'
I figure it could be set in a historical fantasy realm. idk, just a thought. Sorry I can't help more, but I hope your book goes well! :D