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Still working on the details. I want to follow the transition from imperial rule to some sort of democratic process. However I don't want to fall too deeply down the revolution rabbit hole. Revolution is full of action and emotions, which makes for a great story. But I'd like to explore a slightly more nuanced approach to a similar end.

I also haven't decided if I want the protagonist to be a leader of the movement, or swept along in the political current without much say… Thoughts anyone?


It would depend on what the character's main plot is to figure out the political subplot. If as a whole the character's goal is to change/save the world (i.e. hunger games, lord of the rings etc.) then they would need an active role. However if their goal is something less politics more personal like trying to save someone or something or trying to find someone or something specific to them that the government has no affect on then a more passive role can be taken. ( think kdrama W: two worlds with this. Main character is under existential crisis and while others around him are focused on the court systems content to come after him he is more focused on finding the key to his existence) (for a more mainstream example think Friends. They had no political focus whatsoever but things like politics would be brought up in subtle ways.)


My main character wants a monarchy with a good king. But he's stuck in between many different people and groups who want something different… I guess you could say none of them are "right" and the only "good guys" are the ones who don't believe in "the ends justify the means."

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My main character, Arissa Stone, prefers a government that doesn't limit her personal capabilities. So anything that tries to trap her is a no, but ones that help her, she will not only accept but she will also help them. However, the moment the government changes even slightly in the wrong direction, she will keep as far away from it as possible.


My character, Dante Hellstrande, is the king of a more-or-less absolute monarchy. He's happy with his position and advisors, and every thing in his kingdom, except for now that his capitol is a smoking ruin but that's another story for another conversation


My character doesn't believe in government per see but they don't disagree with its purposes. Since they travel the world they tend to be more focused on making money, surviving, and getting the next job.

I should say their are a ton of real world versions of government in my story and even mixed ones.


My character believes in a democracy where everyone, including demons and monsters can get along after humans slaughtered them for centuries. She is an anti-hero but fights for change towards equality for all. Florence wants to eliminate stereotypical beliefs on what demons are and that Satan is to blame for bad things happening or people committing crimes against humanity.