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I've noticed a lot of monarchies in fantasy are based on English and European courts, but there are so many unique court setups all over the world. So what countries are your monarchies based on?

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I know this is an old thread kinda, but it seems like an interesting topic and it's kinda too bad it never really took off.

Anyways, a lot of my fantasies have your standard monarchy. The countries are based on different places/time periods but the ruling system is kind of the same with 2 exceptions.

Arribea: This one is actually is kind of like your typical medieval Europe based monarchy, but with a fun twist. The Arribeans really pride themselves on being a physically strong nation so naturally they'd want to be ruled by the strongest person from their nation. So, basically anyone can challenge the king to a fight to the death and if they win they get to be the king. It's not done very often because Arribeans are also very patriotic and (usually) show a lot of respect to their king (so basically if you lose, not only do you die, but people won't remember you very fondly). I may or may not have set it up this way to fill in a small plot hole.

Faralia: Faralia is probably my most unique monarchy in that it isn't technically a monarchy. They're ruled by a king and a queen but both of them have equal amounts of power (which I think makes them more of a diarchy?) but they have to both be on the same page about everything before they make it happen. If one of them disagrees on something then they have to come up with some sort of compromise first.
They're also the only neutral country in this universe (and all my other ones now that I think about it). So when war breaks out between the other nations they don't take sides with anyone.

edit to add: I had another story from when I was younger that was a fantasy but with more of a democracy based government. The story itself was pretty bland, so I never really did anything with it but it might be worth revisiting at some point.

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Athenian democracy for the win! It's still an oligarchy.


well most human kingdoms are the typical fantasy stereotype, but most fae are ruled by the king and the church equally, the lizardfolk have clans, some of the animal people (most birdfolk, sentient insects and rodent people) fight for dominance so the strongest leads, while most other animal people have a democracy. that's all i've got so far.