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Sel Geiss Frialedd [free-ah-leth], meaning Men of the Nightshade. They are one of the old Houses turned renegade, wanting to take over Vanèran. The High Kings have promised to return their lands and properties if the "true heir of Leiris" turns up but they think it's a load of crap (it isn't). People never knew they were the House Leiris though.


Ooh, old Welsh names! I was reading a historical fiction novel about King Arthur, and it's so interesting how much the language and pronunciations have changed over hundreds of years. I still think that Cunedda should be pronounced "Kun-EDD-uh" and not freaking "Kin-ETH-ah."

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I have DONT, which stands for Dictator Overthrowing Nautical Troops. They started off as well-meaning marauders trying to prevent corrupt rulers from ruling, but eventually went downhill enough to execute the king and kidnap his daughter.

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Zenith. He was created as an artificial human and is technically government property. He does not like being government property. So he hates all forms of government, and would gladly overthrow it if given the chance.