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SO! My first ACTUAL post on this site! I hope you guys are as friendly as I hope you are, lol. But uh- yeah, I've had a world in the making for a bit now, and since it's all unified under a single leader, I don't have to create, y'know, literally HUNDREDS of small little details lol. But uh, yeah! Time to get this under way lol

SO! Firstly, we'll start with what roles the leader has! Answer? They have every role! DING DING DING Dictatorship time! HOORAY!

The leader's name and title are Publicly Nominated Role Model (PNRM for short) Chase Dreeevey. He first gained notability in Germany in 3156, after World War 4 was started by America. (World history, yayyyyy! [Also, to nobody's surprise, it was in fact America that started World War 3 as well]) About halfway through the war, the Geneva Conventions were thrown in the crap can and dusted with a handheld railgun, and chemical/nuclear weapons were busted out yet again. By the end of the war, there was so much radioactive fallout that it rendered most of Earth uninhabitable. Now, in comes Chase, some small-time businessman who was born in the Middle of Nowhere, Germany! He proposed a simple, brutal solution: mass genocide of those allied with America, and those who were neutral in the war still - he even preached killing some of Germany's own allies. And, like the eager to end the war fools the government and general public was, they agreed. It just so happens that Chase was the leader of an up-and-coming religious/political group known as "Die erste Zeile," or "The First Line." They preached total destruction of anyone who could possibly be a threat to germany's position of relative power in the world. In a fit of confusion in an election in 3156, he was suddenly in charge of Germany, and of course, as any good dictator does, he eliminated competition, enemies and potential enemies. He reformed the entire government, preaching that if they didn't take control of the war now, they would lose any chance they had at survival. The country swallowed this hook, line and sinker. And it was true - at least, in Chase's eyes. Then comes the strange part - he starts a charity network, providing shelter and food to children, and only children, who had no family left. He played with their emotions by doing this, by becoming this sort of father figure - and he played that role very well. So well, in fact, that these kids would grow up to want to be just like Chase. And they were very successful in this too. Now with the backing of thousands of groomed slaves, Chase was finally ready to show the world his true colors as a cold blooded killer and one of the most calculating men the world has ever seen. Starting with the remains of Russia, he first spread into Asia, which stood no chance due to their severe lack of food, water and defense - they had become lazy. Next up was Europe, which was more difficult to take, due to its increased seismic activity and better economy, but in the end, it too fell. Germany then turned its attention to, well. . . elsewhere. You get the idea. Soon, millions of like-minded people were a part of Chase's ever growing posse of brain dead servants.

Now this is where it gets (more) interesting - he leaves specific areas to their own devices, under a puppet leader. This is to minimize backlash and to make him look kinder. In reality, it's simply another point in his plan. By creating little puppet nations, he can show the people who still doubt him that he isn't all that bad, that he's willing to show mercy to those who surrendered without a fight.

NOW! Due to the war, technology development had been severely slowed in every area but weapons development. Now that the war was all but over, resources - whatever of those that were left - were funnelled into research and deleopment of cryopods and cryostasis, as well as consciousness transerance and revivification processes. 30 years of development go by before these technologies are perfected.

Cloning had already been a well-established technology, so by combining cryo-tech with revivification tech made an easy way to keep people "alive" until needed again, which he did with about half of his followers.

The other half went through the de-aging process of revivification, allowing them to keep working tirelessly for even longer.

As for Chase? He made multiple clones of himself and downloaded a copy of his consciousness onto each, then put them into cryostasis. This way, even if one body was destroyed, there would be another. In this way, Chase managed to keep a hold of his world and the people in it.

(Sorry this is already so dang long!)

We'll talk about the laws and stuffs at a later date, but I think that's it??? Maybe??? Idrk lol
Lmk what you guys think!