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Do any of the governments in your world recognize a certain religion? Are church officials involved in the government in any way? If so, how? Is there a religion department in your government, or something?


One of my countries is a unitary democracy, and they're deeply entrenched in a single religion. They believe in dual gods and I think it mostly works because they're really passive. Like, there's no belief that they work miracles, they just create things together. The only interactions it's believed they have is in the end times, when true believers are taken to hibernate in flower pods beneath the Earth. They don't have "officials" or a department because it's so entrenched into their culture, it's part of their identity. A real world mirror of that would probably be the devotion to the Virgin Mary in Mexico. It's become a sort of thing past catholicism, she's become a cultural icon, and it's the same with my dual gods.

Additionally, due to the protective nature of this country, people put a lot of value in the group, and conformity. There are monthly religious celebrations set up by the community together, and to not participate is seen as being kind of weird. So basically they're so indoctrinated they don't question a lot of it (though recent introduction of foreign trade has started changing the minds of some people.)