forum people with abilities, shut off from rest of world, what typeof government would come about?
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So, I got an asteroid that hits Earth (say between Canada/USA), and from that asteroid grows a giant (bus-sized) plant, that takes a few years to bloom. When the asteroid first hits, some people are affected almost immediately, others, not until the plant blooms. These people are dubbed Toxics, and their veins are now purple, most noticeable in the eyes. As a group effeort, the governments of the world cut off the land around this flower, northern states of USA, southern states of Canada, and anyone that is a Toxic is required to go there, and anyone living there is forced to stay (for unrealistic fears of contamination).
Anyway, I want this to be different than the Toxics are suppressed, they fight back, or reverse. I want something awesome. But can't think of anything..,.


The government is put into place by the UN (or a group of nations, idk) and they are only concerned with the safety and security, not wanting any Toxics to leave Casterian (the new country of Toxics).
So, what type of government do you think would come about? highly corrupted type


Most important question: is the government made up of Toxics or of external monitors sent by the group of nations? Do the Toxics in general want to be in Casterian or are there obvious drawbacks?
For the Toxics in government or employed by the government (eg military/police/civil servants), what's their incentive to follow the government's lead? Do they believe in a certain ideology that the government is built on or are they enticed by benefits otherwise unobtainable?
The type of government would probably be authoritarian if you're going for corrupt - there's always the option of making it seem fair but actually be false (a government who allows elections but controls the candidates that are in the pool, for example).

One angle that I don't think has been done very often is having the government be the force that drives the rebellion of the Toxics against the rest of the world. Idk though.

Just some ideas to get your head going, I guess. I apologise if this is irrelevant or too shallow or just not what you're looking for.


You mentioned abilities, what kind of abilities do Toxics have? I feel like that would factor into how their government might work, possibly strength-based or based on who has more purple in them (signifying a closer connection with the tree)?