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@"Michael Harrison" That sounds awesome, here is mine:

My government is a diarchy, as opposed to a monarchy. The country was founded by twelve tribal families that banded together to fight the northern invader. When the they had successfully defended their lands, they created an oligarchy where each family was put in charge of a facet of government like education, commerce, etc. Each house was equal in power and had a vote on every issue. But after a few hundred years, they got tired of hosting a vote for every issue. Like if there was a drought in the southern region, there was no need for the house of the arts to get involved. So they elected to change into a diarchy, with two houses (war and economics) working together and having control over all of the day to day decisions. The other houses would be called in only when specialized issues come up.

The main conflict in my story is the antagonist's plot to overturn the government and replace it with a monarchic regent government (with her in charge). Basically she calls calls a no confidence vote on the system and proposes that a regent (a leader who steps in and take over when the original leaders cannot do their jobs effectively, like if a child is king or the king is sick or insane) take over until the War and Economics houses can start being effective again.


That’s a really cool plot.

My protag is from this teeny village surrounded by a forest. The villagers barely ever travel. So they have their own gov just for themselves. One Wise Man is in charge, and he earns the position by just sorta growing into it. Be a person who people can trust to help them answer life’s questions. The laws are pretty loose, but of course there are things that will make people upset and the Wise Man needs to settle. He judges who is right and wrong and if they should be punished and what the punishment should be. But the most recent Wise Man decided the he would teach someone to be a Wise Man, and he went through many apprentices before finding someone he could trust to do things right. He retired and moved to the edge of the village. People just let him. He’s the wisest, he must be right. The new Wise Man believed the Wise Men should have privileges. He believed there should be hereditary heirs to the title Wise Man. His son died before the Wise Man was ready to retire, so he trained his granddaughter to become a Wise Man. But she never becomes one because the protag gets into drama and the action starts and the world turns upside down and the village gets destroyed. Yay.


That sounds really interesting. What genre is the story?

Mine kind of has two different governments. There's the US government (this is in a sort of dystopian world). The US government is barely being held together, and there's really no law enforcement anymore. Because of this, there's a bunch of crime everywhere and that's sort of how this second system started up. It's called the Network, and its not really the government of a town or city so much as a group of people that live in one large 'Base'. These people are the ones who are supposed to be trying to help cut down on the crimes in the city. It's basically controlled by one Leader, but there are also secondary Leaders that have different jobs to do to keep the Network running smoothly. These are basically the top two tiers of importance in their 'government'. Little do these secondary Leaders know, the main Leader is planning on taking over the US government and his plans are to create a monarchy in which he is the king. Below them are the general population of the base. They all have their specific jobs and reasons to be there. And below them, at the bottom of the food chain, are the Gifted assassins. The assassins all possess magical abilities. The Leader basically feeds them and gives them shelter away from the crime of the city, which is especially dangerous for the Gifted. Everyone else in the base looks down upon them because they're the ones who do the Leader's dirty work, and barely get paid for what they're doing because all they really need is food and shelter.