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Deep breath Ok, so it's not too major, because it's in someone's past, but at one point this eighteen-year-old and his best friend started a rebellion and I have no clue how they did that.
Backstory- The world is separated into three colonies who supply different things and exchange them with each other equalling (Yeah, communism!) The government is generally whacked but their biggest problem is in the Alpha Yellow colony 4.
Alpha 4 is responsible for doubling the lifespan of humans and many other scientific feats. But they are going about it the wrong way. They've frickin' experimenting on children (Because they'll live for longer and they aren't contributing to society anyway)
No one really cares too much about this until our boi Prometheus' brother gets drafted to alpha 4 and he's not ok with that.
He meets a girl from Gamma Red named Calypso and together they start a rebellion to rescue all of the children… but how they did that I don't know.
They continue to take children away from colonies Alpha 2 and Beta 1 and 3 (Because their life kinda sucks and also Prometheus is making a point)
They run off and form their own colony (Delta Green) and that is the location in which our story takes place.
But like… how does one rebel against the government. I'm open to changes (Including help from the Gamma leader) but for now, it's just some crazy children with minimal skills.
Any input is great. Thank you.

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That government is pretty w a c k to say the least.

Before I give you advice, I'd like to point you in the direction of other massive rebellion movements. While most were for freedom (pshhhhhh you don't need that), separation from a certain way of governing or lifestyle… they weren't run by children.

I'm gonna be kinda frank.

You can't run a full-blown rebellion that will make people notice. Cus they'll just blow it off as "psh yeah whatever they're kids" and possibly kidnap them into the same fates. Well, that's the kind of wack groove I get from your gov't. Because rebellions were spurred on by very experienced public speakers, politicians, and the working force. Unless your crew of characters has these things readily available… it's not all that possible. Hell, imagine wherever you live, that you wanted to start a rebellion against… hmmm trying to think of something that won't offend you… communism (even though it's basically dead good job USA).

No one would listen, because I'm going to assume thatnyou are rather young. They would see you as someone who doesn't understand or just, fuck, ignore you, because you don't have the experience of public speaking.


I don't mean to be rude
Historically speaking, a vast amount of rebellions/revolutions/changes in government policy have been spearheaded by teenagers. You've got protests against the Vietnam War, the Velvet Revolution, Anti-Apartheid protests 1976, the Arab Spring…
Sure, these movements weren't just carried by the young people. I would also recommend @WaffleWizard to expand the rebellion to include more people. But it's totally historically legit to have young people start stuff.
I mean, heck, if you've seen Hamilton - those guys literally founded America and over a dozen of them were under 35 on July 4, 1776. Lafayette, Burr, and Hamilton were all under 20.


Ok. Thanks. Sorry, everything is very rough right now. I would like to point out that in this world there is a very small population compared to our world so it really wouldn't take much to overwhelm people. But yes, I will fix these details and holes


I know I might be kinda late to the chat but if you're still open to suggestions I would have you include if they had any help while rescuing the children. Like one of the other people said already have it expand to more people, but find out and clarify if they rallied or gathered the people together before or after they rescued the children. Because then you can figure out if they had help on the inside with getting the children out. And then I'm just curious about this part: you said they formed their own colony, is Alpha Yellow mad that they took the children and are going after them or are they just saying whatever you can have them and going after other children. I don't know if this helped or not. :)


@YourNightmare , thank you for your interest. I don't need help anymore, but I can still answer your question. Alpha Yellow is, in fact, quite mad and over the duration of the story attempt to reclaim some of the children for themselves. Particularly a child with whom the experimentation succeeded upon. Naturally the other characters are ticked and spend the rest of the story trying to get him back

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Whoops, I didn't see how long ago this was posted. But on the off chance you want to look at someone other stuff… this is some pretty heavy reading, But a step by step (historical) way to create a successful insurgency is "Insurgency and Terrorism" by Bard E. O'Neil. It goes into different methods used by Mao and Che Guevara.