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I have somewhat of an idea for the government in Hell. First off, it's located in a parallel dimension where the environment and government is different. My idea is that it's run under a monarchy with several social classes. The top is the ruler with his family, then it's the soldiers who protect the royals, rich and trusted nobles of the ruler, working demons and those who like to wreak havoc on humans (they do it as an act of revenge), then it's the humans that have murdered demons or those who hate demons. Demons use humans as slaves because they want them to suffer for the crimes they've made against the demon community. My question is how would i establish this or can improve this in any way? BTW, the demons are not bad creatures, they're misunderstood creatures that certain humans have slaughtered for many centuries because they were not like them.


For me, usually, their is an absolute monarchy in Hell. Some devil, who ahs risen to the title of deity, is in control of everything and his word is law. Demons, for myself, don't exist in Hell but have their own plane of existence. Demons are ruled by various demon lords/ladies who are constantly fighting among each other as well as other powerful beings. Hell is structured, orderly, built to contain and to punish. The Abyss is wild and chaotic, stealing souls who they think have done enough to deserve their home or just because they feel like it.