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In my world, Malcera, elections are supposed to happen, but they aren't executed well. The country's Lord Protector, Sir Alton Treadnight, will give his favor to a particular candidate, and since everyone in Malcera except for the rebels believe Sir Alton is a hero, that typically wins the election right there. He's controlling the government while making it look like he's not.


In my government 2 people are voted for from each country every five years to be part of the council. From there ten representatives are chosen from the council to the council, these people are known as the Decal. They are voted on every five years. Then there is the Head of the government which is one person voted on by the public to be the face of the government. They are usually voted on from the council, but sometimes they can be chosen from the public. But, this government only gets to make decisions for the people who are Magicae, or can use magic.


In my country, national elections for the executive leadership position happen in stages. First, the previous head of state chooses their own candidate to replace them in their position, whose national support varies depending on current public favor of the government and said candidate's own merits. Second is a regional election by the 3 main regions of the country, who each select a candidate. Third is a national election, in which one national candidate is selected from the three regional candidates. Fourth and finally, the national candidate runs against the candidate nominated by the previous head of state, and the victor is elected as the new head of state.
A similarly-elected national council group under the head of state, do have, as one of their powers, the power to veto a candidate proposed by the head of state, in order to help prevent nepotism and corruption. However, it is fairly rare for the head of state's candidate to win the final election anyways, so this power has only been used once or twice in the country's history.
Smaller elections, such as for regional and local government positions, happen in mush the same fashion, but without the regional elections, and often with more than one candidate running against the government-chosen candidate in the final election.

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I love all of the ideas here. I would favor more of a libertarian style government similar to what we in the US have now except the government wouldn't have control of as much as they do now. The military industrial complex and the huge surveillance state needs to be overthrown… and I don't mean violently overthrown I mean dismantled

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In my world: There are four leaders, and they each choose an apprentice, who will take their place when they either die or retire. Kinda very simple.