forum Does anyone know how certain types of governments work?
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Okay the title might be a little misleading but read on because I really need help. So in my universe there's this society or whatever that sends people out into different worlds (or dimensions might be a better word) and they make sure nothing too majorly bad happens. I can't really figure out how that kind of society would work. If anyone watches Rick and Morty, something like the Citadel of Ricks is sort of what I'm going for. It would be controlled by one main person (not necessarily monarch, but they'd have more power than a president) and they'd have people like advisers or a cabinet or senators of something similar. I just need help figuring out how that kind of system would really work.


Before I try to help, WHY does this government/man in charge want to send people around the universe/to other dimensions? They've got to be getting something out of it, right?


@Masterkey Yeah, that's kind of what I'm trying to figure out. I know the question was a little vague and you might not even be able to help me. I've barely just starting making this story so I'm still trying to come up with different concepts. The main reason why they're sending these people into different worlds so that everyone else that lives there doesn't mess their entire system up or something along those lines. One of the things they would get out of it is not literally dying, but I'm kind of going for a government that does more for themselves and they couldn't care less for anyone else. I know that doesn't really help much but that's mostly what I've come up with. :/


If you still need help:
First, think about how the leaders are selected. Corrupt oligarchies/dictatorships work very differently than corrupt democracies. Also, think about the power the government has- do they have magic, technologies, a strong law enforcement, etc. that could help them rule? Do they oppress the people or disregard them entirely? How do they "do more for themselves"? Are they geared more towards economic or political gain? If economic, is there a certain resource this country has that the government is exploiting or is profit based on the productivity of the citizens? If political, what kind of power are they after, and how do they go about getting it? Do different members of the government have different goals, and if so, what kind of conflict does that cause?
And, of course, these other worlds have governments too, right? How are they different?
This video could be helpful for understanding/writing government:
I hope this helps.