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Some are in it for the money, others the power, and some are trying to rewrite the universe in their image! What kinds of criminal organizations do you guys have?

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The ones in my universe are for money. My Main one is call the Cards and they run all the illegal casinos as well as bars. They are in it for the money and I have a character who is the son of the Mob boss.

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Mine is simply called the Brecker Crime Family, and they want to overtake Creston's city of Aurum since they see it as a way of making money, and gaining fame.

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I have a small novel about a gang called "The Aces" A gang run by a human possessing magic and a demon who resides in the man's soul… they're in it for the insert reason here


Nice pun, I'm Ace too.
Okay, so my criminal organization is the Black Wings and they are basically a mafia for money. They steal from people, kill, and are kinda bigots.


My criminal organization is called the Coal Claws, they operate out of a mining town and primarily rob banks and such. However, once the Matriarch assumed control she turned them into a full-on mafia. Not "The Godfather" mafia, where they're all about honor and whatnot, this is full on Goodfellas. Drug trafficking, hijacking airships, racketeering, etc.

Did I also mention they were dragons? My main character's father used to be one of them!

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In one of my stories I'm working on (currently writing, actually) at one point quite a few criminal organizations appear. The main one I'm gonna talk about are the Red Guns.

In my storyline, a few years after the alien invasions on Terra, the Red Guns are formed. The Red Guns are tired of the government doing nothing for the people in some places. At first, it's a good cause that they stand up for; to get the government to listen, but after the first leader is killed in a shootout, a new leader comes along. This leader is much more aggressive than the first and has a lot of supporters, making him hard to overthrow. It's where the Red Guns go criminal.

While they hate aliens, they also burn down towns with people still trying to live there, rob people, attack travelers; etc. A lot of people don't like the Red Guns, but the aliens dislike them even more, since they are 'dishonourable' according to the aliens.

They're in it for the..killin'? People and aliens alike?