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I'd thought of making the typical dystopia in which, like in divergent or thg the tyranic government is destroyed by the heroes. But in this case I'm going to make it a bit different. I will make two different enemies to the protagonists. The three groups try to be on the power but for radically different purposes. Ones are anarchists, others want a dictatorship and the others a republic. The organizations fight because the old leader died and nobody took his place instead. Can I have some tips or help to make this possible?

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HAH the set-up of my story is similar. So if I understand correctly, you're asking how to make it possible that no one took the old leader's place after he died. I think the answer kind of depends on what kind of leader he was - a dictator? elected president? - and whether he had an established political heir to begin with (in a democracy for example this would probably not be decided in advance, there'd need to be new elections held I suppose? I should look up what the protocol for such a case is lol) (If you like really dark humour and are old enough, I totally recommend watching "The Death of Stalin" for ideas on how to mess succession up in a dictatorship, instead Idon'trememberthedetailsthough)

If there was an apparent heir, you could have them a) assassinated or, basically what I'm doing, b) be one of the parties you want to fight for leadership (for example the leader of the faction fighting for a dictatorship.) The others can then challenge their claim for power.

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What you really need to ask is what would the people want. If it's in a future America, The people might not want another republic system since it apparently didn't stop the country from becoming a dystopia in the first place.
If the old leader was basically a king and everyone liked him; Maybe they would use some sci fi brain reading machine to find someone that closely matched his personality.