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I am trying to create a government that is just trying to make the world a perfect place, however, in the process enslaving the very people they are trying to protect. Having a herd time make this flow without it being a dictatorship.


So how did the enslaving end up happening? I'm guessing it wasn't an overnight decision, but rather one that evolved?

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I'm interested in helping, but only if you want me to :) if you've already found a solution, then I could always help with something else! For your government, though, I'd suggest making it based on a false voting system. Here, it might be easier to explain in a paragraph that goes step by step.

The government is made up of the people of your world. At first, it's a fair democracy and votes actually have weight, but over a short time a more elite circle of the government decide to take more matters into their own hands. The other voters are still allowed to cast their opinions, but they're usually turned down rather quickly. The elite circle comes to focus on their goal, perfection, by enslaving people, changing their customs to fit their ideals, and only taking into consideration ideas from the others that are generally focused on uniting the population. This way, they're not a "true dictatorship", but they possess many qualities that can be looked upon harshly.


If you want to learn about these types of governments, the ones that go wrong, study from history! The formation of the Soviet Union might be an interesting and relevant case to research. Though it didn't necessarily become totally evil, but it had labor camps, genocide, all sorts of problems. Its a good case of a noble revolution going awry.

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Totalitarianism is a very good place to look. Stalin is one of the greatest examples of this. He brainwashed the people of Russia into thinking it was better than when the Tzar was around.