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So, in my universe there's six different countries (seven, actually, but one of them doesn't actually matter for this topic- it doesn't have a government). All the leaders of the six countries are chosen because they were born into it, so they are all monarchs (or something like that) but it's really boring if all the governments are the same so I need help coming up with ideas to make them different. If you can help summarize the different types of governments for me that would help a lot too.

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I have a universe that's kind of like this, and I found myself in a kind of similar situation so here's some stuff that helped me out:

  • What is important to each individual ruler?

  • How would each ruler handle different scenarios?

  • Relationships between the different countries.

  • Geography

  • Culture and traditions

  • Laws

A lot of these things can sort of go hand in hand with each other as well. A ruler may make laws based on things that are important to them, or there may be laws that stem from their religious beliefs. Maybe two countries don't get along because of cultural differences, or because of some undisputed territory.

I'm not really sure how much your story focusses on the individual rulers, but a lot of these things would have an effect on the civilians as well. Maybe there's a bit of racism or xenophobia because of political tensions in the different countries. What about stereotypes or misconceptions?

Hope that helps :)


Here are a few sites. You can't really sum up a topic like this. It takes a lot of reading to understand government. I'm sorry. When it comes to writing a lot of us want to short cut things to make it easier, but in this case knowledge is power and faking it till you make it can be bad. Also you can mix and match governments to come up with something new too. Here are the links:
There will need to be more research to be done past this but they give you terminology which is important. Terms will be your friends is library's or online. Though take anything you read online with a grain of salt. lol So much misinformation nowadays. There is too many people out there trying to be "smart" to impress people, when they are anything but. Use a few big flashy words and a argument that may sound cohesive or reasonable and you have a recipe for disaster. The quote "Trust but verify." comes to mind. Have fun, while government can be boring it can also be fun and interesting!