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This meme for anyone unfamiliar:
The Detroit Become Human one was the first one I saw, still one of the best haha

Basically, take some of your funniest lines and put them as a poem that could have the Wrong Neighborhood music playing under it. You'll need twelve to fill the whole meme, but less is fine too. They don't have to rhyme, but they can!

Mine from a fanfic of mine (yes I write fanfic now, how I have fallen haha)

You Invaded the Wrong Origin Island
He had a lidded bucket in one hand.
“Not everyone wants your perfumes, man.”
“I’ve gotten good ages ago.”
“All the girls tell me so.”
“They had swords and bows, they weren’t asking us on a dinner date.”
All eight eyes blinked as he stared at Dream’s face.
“I dunno what a human is, but they look fishy if you ask me.”
“A crazy drunk guy and an eight year old-
“I’ll give all your carrots to the worms, Techno-”
Absently patting the shield as if it was an old friend.
Scooping lava from the ground to throw it again.