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so… I wrote a poem for my __'_ birthday, but he requested a sort of 'vibe', and i'm not sure if i achieved the vibe he wanted…

he requested 'timeless, somewhat nostalgic, lazy'

did i achieve it, you think?

Yesterday could have been - a poem
the sun comes to shine yet again
like a reminder perhaps of
the yesterday that could have been

the birds sing, herald doves
with trumpet calls of praise
the yesterday wouldn't have loved

the grass is warm, the water sprays
fish scales glint in the sun
like the ones in the yesterdays

the trophies that today has won
hanging, gleaming, softly swinging
but yesterday will have but none

and as the moon comes once again
a reminder to all of us
of what today could have been

i think this kind of poem is called a Terza Rima. It's Italian.

@AloeVera groupMentallyImInACottage

Getting guilty vibes from this! like regret, but more like the regret of inaction. the pain of having not achieved enough in the day. Someone did Nothing all day, but instead of feeling refreshed, they feel guilty.