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lternately: no plot = no conflict = no decisions = no character traits = no character = no story/novel = writer has o role in life = writer dies of boredom = apocalypse = death = KABOOM GOES EARTH

@thenetherlands language

i talk to myself
baskically telling myself the story as i wold write it
and then i come to write it and i just sit there like HOW DO I DO THIS
i think i needa just record myself one of these days and write down the transcript in a doc.

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uh… maybe?
I ask cause my characters stop in a port town for a little bit before boarding a ship to cross to another country. I just need something for them to do (even if it isnt much) and a way to intro the character taht offers them passage

@thenetherlands language

thou art welcomeeeeeee

or a durian (world's stinkiest fruit. taste good. muy stinky, even through plastic cling wrap) explodes/falls/whatever, enough to make it ~release the stink~