forum tell me the weird phrases you've coined while writing
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for ex, I call my worst traumatic origin stories "I'm sorry backstories"– like, Callisto and Lou have I'm sorry backstories (meaning I owe them an apology.) do you all have anything like this?

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Hmm, I’d have to say one I use a lot is ‘wholesomeness is key
This is because when making a new character for a story or RP, if the plot is to mess them up real bad, I’ll make the most wholesome character and watched them get messed up.
And on the flip side, I will also use ‘Trauma is best. So the more- rubs hands together -the better’ This one is used when I’m making a redemption arc for the character. I’l start with a completely messed up character and watch them have amazing character development.

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you are horribly evil

Oh, I know. But I do have perfectly fine characters. II reuse characters, so, in one world, they may be watching their whole family die and reliving it over and over, but in another, they’ll be happily in love with no trauma what so ever.

I also only really do this to main characters. My side characters usually go untouched.


Can I join? My friend and I, who both write, coined the term 'plot void'. It's when a character or a few characters don't impact the plot or don't do anything for a section of the book.

Usually, it's caused by my tendency to create characters who serve a short-term purpose and then don't do anything after their job is done, but they've become too integral to the plot to abandon them. So the character just ends up not doing anything for most of the book.

Does anyone else get this, or is it just me?


@Kiwi_Writes_Books I sort of do the opposite, actually- where my main characters mostly only ever interact with each other or with side characters. sometimes this is a limitation of my settings, other times I just can't mak myself design another whole person who I'll only see once or twice lmao

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