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Here's a few.

  • A story about a house of ghosts. A boy started coming to the house when he was small. He now spends almost all of his time there. His parents pretend not to notice him gone for days on end. The ghosts have to all stay in one place. A place of safety, a place where living people aren’t. They can’t leave. They can possess people, though they need consent. The now teenage boy is letting some of the more rebellious ghosts possess him, so they can see the world, or at least a little of it. The living is still conscious, they just can’t do anything, it’s like they’re watching their life play out in front of them. Some of the ghosts include:
    One who acts like a gentleman, dresses like a gentleman. But he loves food and stuffing his face (Think Shaggy from Scooby-doo). (He/him)
    One is a classy punk, Is seriously sarcastic. Likes scaring people. And lying in the grass watching the sunset. (She/her)
    One who died obsessed with romance and is lovey-dovey , They are obsessed with one thing. (N/A)
    One is an old woman, who owned many pets, in her day. She loves seeing animals any and all. (She/her)
    One was an alcoholic, who died of overdose. He just wants to try again, for a little. (He/him)
    One is quiet and reserved. They wanted to try life again, just to feel it. (May have died to s*icide (they/ them)
    One that when they were alive, they had all the power in the world, they were rich and strong and stuff, they continuously forget they aren’t actually who they used to be. (N/A)
    One that doesn’t like the kid but tolerates him for his body. (N/A)
    One that likes spending time with him. They really just want to hang around him and be able to hold hands and actually feel their fingers running through his hair, but they burry that shit down deep, he offered to let them have a try at life, they mentally freak out over the idea of possessing his body, being in his body, it doesn’t seem right, they don’t want to be him, they want to be around him. But they take the offer, and just kinda spend their time sitting alone watching the day go by. Figuring everything out, little do they know he can kind of tell what they say and think. Though he can’t do anything about it. (N/A)
    The teenager has friends and a social life, with this experiment, all of that gets really messed up.

  • The words inscribed on your gravestone define your after life, people usually put "peace", "happiness", "rest" and stuff like that. But not our protagonist, no, they want an adventure. The story begins with the funeral.

@Althalosian-is-the-father book

Late nineties. Aliens have invaded, but crash landed on earth, unleashing vicious plantlike creatures that are rapidly spreading across the globe.
A young woman, along with her four adopted sons, travel down the Americas in a small school bus, hoping that cooler temperatures will force the alien plants to stop their advancement, making friends and memories along the way, and wondering what it really means to be human.