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This is my favorite scene, a conversation between The main character with her boyfriend and the antagonist. It's weird… but it just gets better and better :)

Cooper was in his quarters, eating a very large burrito. His face was covered in a slimy green sauce, and his desk was scattered with various food and drink.
"Oh! Blade, and Marin!" Cooper said, sending spit everywhere. Blade recoiled in disgust. Cooper picked up a very dirty cloth and wiped his face on it, getting the sauce all over the cloth and himself.
Blade and Marin shared looks of annoyance and disgust. Blade tentatively took a step forward. "Um…" she started, trying not to gag.
"I suppose you want me to explain your appointment of becoming the lord and lady of the kingdom, correct?" Cooper said, taking a huge sip of what was probably wine and stuffing the rest of the burrito in his mouth.
Blade was about to speak again when Cooper choked, coughing and spraying chewed burrito bits everywhere. Finally, with one final cough, what remained of the burrito flew out of his mouth and hit Marin in the face.
Marin screeched and ran out, probably searching for a place to wipe his face. Blade stared at Cooper, alarmed.
"Oops," Cooper said, belching. "Sorry." He sounded anything but sorry.
Blade sighed and forced herself to meet Cooper's eyes. "Okay," she said, narrowing her eyes. "Please explain our appointments. Like, now."
Cooper smiled, taking another sip of wine and looking more drunk every second. "You two are my best advisors, so you get to be treated as such! I gave orders to the kingdom to treat you like royalty."
"Oh! Um…" Blade said, surprised. "Okay. So…"
Cooper stood up, stumbling. "Yes! I want another burrito. Someone! Summon my tax collectors and tell them to make me a burrito! And make it cold!" He tripped, hitting a bowl of slimy, red sauce and splattering it all over the ground.
"Gah! Natalie, why did you spill milk all over me again?" he shouted, rolling around. "I need a presentable outfit!" He's drunk, Blade thought, alarmed. She stumbled towards the door.
Cooper reached up and took another long drink of wine, spilling it all over himself in the process. "Oh, hi Blade. Thought you should know, I'm declaring war on the clans next week. Be ready for the presentation!" Then he fell asleep.


It is a scene that only exists in the PMs here

Two rockstars who have been dating in secret and the media thinks they hate each other reveals that they've been dating for 2 (3? I don't remember) years through the song Partners In Crime

I know how cliche and kinda cringe it sounds but on God that was some of my best work

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okay i really like how this scene turned out! tw for smoking, implied alcoholism/addiction/sex, and disassociation

Drew my beloved <3


I think this could be one of my favorite scenes. Its from one of my earlier chapters.

“I see” I got quiet for a moment before Kenzo got closer to me and looked down at the water, ”It’s just that. There’s something special about you Hector. When I first saw you I thought you were a cute guy, roughly around my age. I wanted to get to know you I guess…” I looked away blushing, no one had ever really called me cute, or even took the time to notice me. I looked back at Kenzo, still looking down at the water and blushing.
“Is that why you’re doing all this? Taking care of me and bringing me places?”
“I care… I care about you, Hector. I like you… and… I want to go out with you. If you don’t feel the same way it’s fine, I understand.” It got silent for a moment then he looked up at me, “I just hope you consider my feelings at least…” I felt my face get hot and I nervously diverted my gaze.
“I- I don’t know what to… what to say I-” I took a step back trying to get closer to the shore when a wave knocked me over.
“Hector!” I tried to stand back up but the waves pushed me down.

this happened to me one time. The getting knocked down by a wave part. Never stepped in the ocean again.