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Just for fun, share the most recent sentence that you added to your story. No context allowed, one sentence per post (unless you're replying to someone else).

Mine is "Caleb appeared by her side, only a few seconds later."

EDIT: This thread was originally intended for sharing single lines from your stories. I've been really lenient in letting people post multiple lines, but in the original spirit of the thread, please try to keep it short. Like, 3-5 sentences max. This isn't the thread for sharing multiple paragraphs. Thanks.

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May I share from my comic? If so, I'll describe what I drew: A small adult with burns on his face sits next to the bed of a young woman with only one leg.


“I never do, do I?” Mari shot back; she then strode out, before anyone could recover from their shock at the sudden vehemence in her voice.

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He held out the last lyric for an unnecessary amount of time, enjoying the way his body sung out with it before continuing intently with the music.

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"Yes, it is me, again. And these are my friends, Tweeldedumb," Brie pointed to Peela, "Tweedledee," Snail, "And Tweedle-ego." to Grayle. "I do not have an ego!" he retorted angrily at her.

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His father never travelled to anywhere that wasn’t along the coastline, so being several miles inland meant that his father was officially no longer a problem.

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"Irrelevant," Logan muttered, grabbing another broom and beginning to sweep around the unconscious body of the dragon.

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Pointing at Mitsu, Jactson sneered at him. "So who let that boy in here, I wasn't aware gay boys were allowed here." (sorry if this is offensive, it's just how my character Jactson is written)


Hello again, darling. Even without seeing the person talking, I could tell a grin spread across his face, I think it’s time for you to sleep. He drew out the word sleep, seeming to draw me into the word.

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You would, after all, have to be either extremely desperate or extremely stupid to rob someone who kept five knives on them all times.


Now I know what you may be thinking, “Oh, Averill, I don’t want to hear about someone evil, you’re a BAD GUY!” To which I say, “Shut your face and listen for a sec before you judge a book by its cover.